Sabbath Police!! Apparently, Mormons crack themselves up making videos like these.

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While the rest of us watch in horror.

Or am I the only one frightened to discover that Mormons find this kind of thing amusing?

As far as I can tell, this is another example of the Mormon surveillance culture that empowers anonymous snitches, got Brandon Davies kicked off a BYU team, and Brian Devine fired. But Mormons apparently want the rest of the world to see how much fun their surveillance culture can be, so here it is in all its rib-ticklin’, knee-slappin’, report-your-neighbor glory:

Tip o’ the hat to Brother Shafovaloff (and a wag o’ the finger: reading comments over at Aaron’s place reminds me why I didn’t bother checking out the Christianist clubhouse after quitting Mormonia).

12 thoughts on “Sabbath Police!! Apparently, Mormons crack themselves up making videos like these.

  1. What I find interesting is that it’s a man going around policing all of these women. Really, they couldn’t have one male example? Just reinforces the unfortunate stereotype of the domineering patriarchy.

  2. Oh, for sure it’s staged. I mean, nobody’s suggesting there are actual Sabbath Cops handing out citations in Mormon neighborhoods in California.

  3. The creator (or maybe one of the women?) has a comment on YouTube that makes it pretty clear that it’s fake, saying that they did it for fun: “Relax…Jesus understands everything…..and loves everyone. We were? just having fun and trying to remind folks that the Lord’s day is holy…with humor. Doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. Remember to keep it holy. :0)”

  4. Really? I couldn’t even finish it. So boring and annoying. They probably wanted to cover EVERYTHING that could possibly be breaking the sabbath. Stupid stupid.

  5. Uh, this looks like a LAME video made for a youth conference or something like that, to make the kids laugh because they caught their YW leaders doing something “naughty”. I’d be willing to bet you that’s what this is for.

    And anyway, why the sam hell is the answer to all your sabbath day problems “SATURDAY”. If you’re at all active in the church, you have to run to the cannery early saturday morning, drive your kids to the primary activity at 11am, go to various baseball and soccer games (that may or may not conflict with your “church” obligations on saturdays), and quick whip up a dish of something or other for the RS dinner event @ 6pm, and then head over to the stake softball game at 8:30 pm to cheer your husband on. So, Sabbath Police, you tell ME WHEN ON SATURDAY should i paint my house, wash my car, shop for milk, weed my garden, and do the laundry?

  6. I wouldn’t take that too seriously but why, o why, didn’t he visit an obnoxious Stake Sunday School President who schedules all his useless meetings on Sundays?

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