Congratulations David Archuleta: X-Mormon of the Year 2022!!!

faith in me

David Archuleta has been a beloved LDS performing artist since the early aughts — the sort of charming and wholesome star who makes Mormons look good in the eyes of the public.

Only one problem: like a lot of people in showbiz, David is gay.

This is not a problem with David Archuleta, BTW, this is a problem with the CoJCoL-dS and its demonizing of queer people.

After three failed engagements to women and at least one paralyzing anxiety attack, David finally accepted himself for who he is. The CoJCoL-dS…? Not so much.

Archuleta recounted a meeting with an apostle who told him three times “we just need to find you a good girl.” How many more lives have to get ruined before the church leaders stop giving people this terrible advice?

So David Archuleta decided to step away from his Mormon faith. And now congratulations David Archuleta — you’ve been elected 2022’s X-Mormon of the Year!!!

** The polls for the Brodie Awards will be going up tomorrow morning January 19, 2023 so please get your last nominations in now!! **


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  1. Chino Blanco says:

    Thank you for once again hosting this annual world-historical competition 🙂 !!

  2. @Monya_PostMo says:

    He seems like the nicest guy. I wonder if he’s been able to talk with Justin Utley and Tyler Glenn about their journeys

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