Congratulations David Nielsen: 2019 X-Mormon of the Year!!!

100 Billion dollars!! That’s how much the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is hoarding in an investment fund at Ensign Peak Advisors — according to whistleblower David Nielsen. (And that’s not to mention the church’s vast real-estate fortune and other investment holdings…)

Will this new revelation make a difference? I hope so, but the fact that the CoJCoL-dS has been hoarding wealth is well-known, and the hard-core faithful have shown a steadfast willingness to look the other way. Ideally this will help illustrate to the American public that allowing churches to be exempt from taxes and financial reporting is a recipe for abuse.

Concerning David himself, he has been avoiding publicity about this matter, according to all of the articles I’ve seen. I can’t even find a picture of him — all of the articles I’ve seen have quoted and pictured his twin brother Lars, who has been providing the public with information on the situation.

As for David himself, he is apparently still a member of the CoJCoL-dS — I guess we’ll see how long that lasts…. He deserves thanks and congratulations for this courageous act, which is why I’m glad to see he won the prize this year.

Jacinda Arden came in a close second. Of course she’s young and still Prime Minister of New Zealand, so maybe she’ll do something amazing to take the prize in 2020. (The voting post was here — my apologies for misspelling the winner’s name.)

We’re still collecting nominations for the Brodie Awards for another week (until January 25, 2020), so be sure to get your nominations in!


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