2010 Brodies: Vote Here!!!


Awards for People and Websites:

Awards for Individual Posts and Articles:

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32 thoughts on “2010 Brodies: Vote Here!!!

  1. Please note: I accidentally forgot to embed the “Best Book Review” poll when I prepared this post yesterday. If you’ve already voted for the other categories, please come back and vote for this one as well.

  2. Seriously, MSP! Thank you. The Brodies are one of those things that bring a community together and clarify both the diversity and the quality.

  3. Too many categories. I have a hard time believing that all the voters read all the articles. If that’s the case, and I think it is, it really boils down to a popularity contest, here-say, or a snap judgment of the article’s title in many cases. Just my two Lincolns.

  4. David — Thanks for the feedback. This is only our second year doing this, hence we’re still tweaking it. I think a lot of people have read most of them because of the weekly “Sunday in Outer Blogness” feature, but it’s probably true that — even giving people two weeks to vote 😉 — not everyone who votes will have read every entry.

    I’m thinking maybe next year of limiting the nomination process a bit. Perhaps adding a restriction that each author should not have more than X number of posts nominated (3? 5?) so that it will be easier for people to read all of the nominations and be exposed to just the very best work from a variety of different authors.

  5. I didn’t vote if I hadn’t read the articles or heard the podcast or whatever. There were so many to choose from; I would like a rating system rather than just a one time shot. Some of them are so close.
    You can be sure that now, I will go and read the ones I hadn’t read, so thank you so much for this extensive list.
    I wanted to vote for My name is Jean Bodie and I am an Ex-Mormon – lol.

  6. Jean — Thanks for your input as well!

    Part of the point is not just to reward the very best, but also to showcase some of the most excellent work over the past year. I’m glad to hear that people are taking the time to read all of the nominations — we’ve got some really excellent stuff here!

  7. Excellent work on all of this, and thanks for including me. I am not Mormon or Ex-Mormon, but since moving to the SLC area six years ago, I have developed a sincere affection for this thoughtful and robust community. And to echo other comments, the various blogs that connect here have challenged me and made me re-think many things. My blogroll also continues to grow to unmanageable proportions because of quality lists like this! Cheers!

  8. For what it’s worth, I didn’t vote in the category if I hadn’t looked at all the nominations.

    This is pretty exciting; I know many of the nominees and it’ll be fun to see who wins!

  9. Carla — That’s cool. I didn’t mean my reply @8 to David to be accusatory. I’m just brainstorming aloud about ideas for improving the Brodies. I’m pretty excited too! 😀

  10. Just dropping by after catching up with the Outer Blogness blogs and it’s gratifying to see how many of you have embedded a Brodies graphic and link on your sites that directs your readers to the ballots here. Thanks!

  11. Andrew Hackman — That’s OK that you’re not an ex-Mormon. All those who feel that Mormonism has played an important role in their lives can qualify for “Outer Blogness.” And I’ve really enjoyed your posts this past year. Your piece on “Glenn Beck’s Church Advice” was great — straight-forward and with an excellent insight to add to the discussion. I was happy to nominate it. 🙂

  12. Yup, sure is a thrill to be nominated! That piece I wrote on my letter to God was in the throws of my faith crisis. Interesting to look back and realize how far I’ve come. Thanks again, everyone!

  13. I just clicked over to vote and saw my post there in the last category. I am right honored! Congratulations to everyone nominated. There are so many awesome blogs in our community.

  14. Thank you so much to everybody who nominated and/or voted for me! I’m gonna make like an actress and say it’s an honor to be nominated and that I’m so pleased that my blog has found an audience.

  15. This list is a goldmine of great sites, forums, blogs…I voted where I too had read all the nominations.

    2010 was a great year for mormon/post mormon/people assoc. with mormons writing. Not sure of the best way to say that there were many posts/blogs/fora that might not have been nominated – or may not win; but that doesn’t make the work any less brilliant, poignant, funny or important. Hope that mouthful if a sentence makes sense.

  16. Aerin — I think I know what you mean, and I agree.

    An Internet poll — by its very nature — is a bit random, and it’s easy for people to play it. And (as you point out) there’s no way we can know how many fantastic and deserving Mo-related posts didn’t even get nominated. So I hope that people aren’t taking it too seriously/personally whether they win or not.

    I will say that I’m thrilled to see how many people have written (on this thread and elsewhere on the Internet) they’re happy just to be a part of it. That’s what it’s really all about — to showcase a fantastic year of great work! I’ll echo the chorus myself and say that I consider it an honor and a privilege to help organize this fun little contest for such a talented community! 😀

  17. Oh, my goodness! Thanks for the nomination. I’ve been so out of it as far as staying up to date on what’s going on online. All the nominations will be a great starting point to catch everything I’ve missed the last few months! Thanks for doing this!

  18. This is an amazing website, and just in this Brodie section, what a rich collection of fascinating articles, blogs, books, videos, broadcasts, and so many other things. I’ll be coming back again and again just to read these.

    I’m honored to be nominated among so many intelligent and creative people. Thank you.

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