Time to nominate X-Mormon of the Year 2014!!


X-Mormon of the Year It’s awards time again!! The first award on our list is the William Law X-Mormon of the Year award!!

I think that 2014 has one very obvious candidate. But to keep it sporting, let’s try to nominate a few others as well. I’ll add my own nominations if necessary. Let’s keep the nominations open for two weeks so they will have a bit of overlap with the Brodie nominations, which will begin next week. 😀

** Edit: vote here!!!

20 thoughts on “Time to nominate X-Mormon of the Year 2014!!

  1. Kate Kelly

    @chanson – the qualifications are the a person is a non mainstream mormon in the national/international news? They may or may not be ex or post mormon, right?

    I was thinking of nominating Mia Love, who recently was elected to the House of Representatives in Utah. But I don’t know that she’s a non-traditional mormon.

    I also nominate the guy (Shane Pittson)? who is attempting to change the beard restrictions at BYU. Good luck!

    I would nominate Ultra Violet, who was Andy Warhol’s sidekick and passed away this year, but she also may not really qualify as a non traditional mormon.

  2. I’m torn between Denver Snuffer and Kate Kelly. I feel like we need to recognize a handful of people this year, so much has happened.

  3. Kate Kelly. Runnels is a good second choice but he’s still technically a member as I understand it and the CES letter is older than 2014.

  4. Kate Kelly in 2014 and likely John Dehlin in 2015 (how good of the church to delay his excommunication long enough that this wouldn’t be a split decision).

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