Sunday in Outer Blogness: Merry Christmas Edition!

Christmas is on the way, and the flow of analysis about the CoJCoL-dS continues!

Lizeverything explained why the church’s statement on race isn’t sufficient, and Andrew S gave some further analysis of Mormonism’s race problem:

Sadly, the Mormonism of yesteryear was at least consistent with itself. As I discussed before, it recognized the value of works (e.g., being respectable/righteous). It recognized the limitation of works (i.e., you can’t ever be respectable enough to be white). It recognized the humanly insurmountable problem (i.e., race), and proposed a divine solution (i.e., one will become white and delightsome through God’s power.)

I am not saying this is the solution I would want. I would want the solution to be that the entire system is rigged and unfair, that God’s grace will be to cast aside the entire racist scaffolding and wipe away the tears from racial injustice.

The church’s polygamy essays also leave a lot to be desired. Unsurprisingly, the church’s gender problems continue. Here’s a great video overview of what the CoJCoL-dS offers women:

The Privileges and Responsibilities of Sisters from Colleen Kelly Poplin on Vimeo.

Since the leaders of the CoJCoL-dS aren’t likely to offer gender parity any time soon, Cruelest Month decided to ask Santa Claus. And as far as marriage equality is concerned, Trevor Price believes that the faithful Mormons would like to just forget the whole battle ever happened.

In scripture study, the EJ&T project has reached some famous questionable commandments. The new Exodus movie leaves out some of the best parts of the story. Philip Wells is still trudging through Alma. And the last Old Testament lesson of the year is on tithing!

In personal tales, holiday reunions can be difficult for those who’ve recently had a faith transition. Chelsey Sidler-Lartey is in the hospital after a really close call, but is happy to have had her wife by her side.

Andrew Hackman discussed faith in feelings and coincidences. ExMormon tales asked whether the CoJCoL-dS really teaches good values. Indeed, the emphasis on authority may be what led to Mormon participation in torture.

Given the Mormon connection with the torture report, the church’s silence on this issue (while straining at relatively trivial infractions) is becoming a big problem. What’s the connection with Kate Kelly? At least Jessen resigned as bishop.

In books, Kathryn Teleste reviewed The 19th Wife, and Johnny Townsend reviewed City of Brick and Shadow. Also, Johnny Townsend’s Dragons in the Book of Mormon was named one of the 10 best indie books of 2014 by Kirkus!

In fun, the CoJCoL-dS is normalizing relations with Park City!

Since this is the last SiOB before Christmas, let’s enjoy some Christmas carols, traditions, and traditional recipes to try this holiday season! And Dan Pearce decided to try out the Scrooge experience.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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