Congratulations 2019 Brodie Award Winners!!!

The results are in!! There were a lot of close races — and quite an impressive number of votes — for a fantastic batch of winners!

Year-long awards for people and groups:
Best New Podcast/Blog/Channel/Site: And It Came To Sass: The Most Correct Of Any Podcast On Earth
Best Podcast: Radio Free Mormon
Awards for Individual Works:
Best LDS-Interest Song: Rabbit Hole, by Mindy Gledhill
Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image: Mormon Wedding Receptions Be Like, by Brigham’s Dank Meme Stash
Best Humor Piece or Parody: “Gaslighting”, by Weird Alma
Best Life Journey Piece: Katie and Allan Mount, by Mormon Stories Podcast
Best Analysis of Scripture and/or History: Nancy Rigdon & the Happiness Letter, by Thinker of Thoughts
Best Activist Action or Movement Within Mormonism: Protect LDS Children, organized by Sam Young
Best Op-Ed: LDS Church Officials Are Practicing Spiritual Extortion, by Lesley Butterfield
Best LDS-Culture Piece: Delayed Adulthood, by Mette Harrison
Most Insightful Commentary on the CoJCoL-dS: president Nelson jumps the shark, by Radio Free Mormon
Best Theological Discussion: Street Epistemology: LDS Missionaries Meet Atheist, by Anthony Magnabosco. (see also)
Best Discussion on Sexuality: A more effective approach to masturbation and pornography: for teens and adults, by Natasha Helfer Parker
Best Discussion on Patriarchy: Women’s Abuse, Oppression and Trauma Under the Patriarchy: Understanding and Healing the System, by Lesley Butterfield

Here are this years winners’ graphics — feel free to display them on your sites:

To see all of the nominated works and the final scores, look here.

Again congratulations and thanks to the winners and to all who participated!!!


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