Sunday in Outer Blogness: The Empire Strikes Back Edition!

Last week our beleaguered church was mired in a horrible public-relations fiasco of its own making. Now, what do you think a wealthy corporation with an army of PR hacks would do in this situation? Leave well enough alone? Learn something from their errors? Take the good old-fashioned advice of "When you're in a hole, stop digging"? Heavens, no! Let's take a look at what kinds of damage control LDS Inc. has in store for us! Naturally, President Newsroom decided to provide some context, which MormonThink Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Hitting the fan edition!

Remember how last week I said the leaders of the CoJCoL-dS are wishing they could silently delete the polygamy essays? Well, now I bet some heads are rolling in the PR department in the Church Office Building! Who could have predicted it? The first few essays worked perfectly -- people who wanted to believe the CoJCoL-dS is being forthright (or wanted to debate others about it) had something to point to, and the average member didn't even notice them! Then somehow this last batch went viral in Read more [...]

new survey on gender issues in the LDS Church

A research team made up of a mixture of scholars (see information about them here) is conducting a survey on gender issues in the LDS Church.  They are interested in responses from both current and former Mormons.  Here's a link to the survey.  And, if you can, please pass it along to family and friends who are either current or former LDS. Read more [...]

In other “complaining about stuff on the ‘Naccle” news…

We've been having a lively discussion of some quotes from The Crucible of Doubt, and on the same day that that came up in my reader, some other 'Naccler managed to link to something even worse. Take a gander at this article. The author lists off a bunch of positive learning and growth experiences that come from parenting, but instead of framing them in a positive sense, she flips them around and states them in terms of how horrible non-parents must therefore be. Normally I would save this sort Read more [...]

Creative new dimensions in victim-blaming!

It is a truth universally acknowledged among Mormons, that church meetings are boring. Painfully boring. But that if you see that as a problem, the solution is to change your own attitude -- and if you are unable to convince yourself that you are in some way edified by these repetitive and substance-free meetings, then it is your own moral failing. So I wasn't remotely surprised by the beginning part of this quote from The Crucible of Doubt: We know that the main purpose of Sabbath observance Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Losing control of the story edition!

If you're a faithful Mormon, there are a lot of possible ways to rationalize the various sticky issues of the CoJCoL-dS. Take the problem of Joseph Smith "marrying" a bunch of teenagers and married women, and lying to his wife and everyone else about it -- it can be explained away with any of the following excuses: Joseph Smith would never do any such thing -- it must be just anti-Mormon lies. Sleeping with dozens of women is awesome -- it's part of what makes the Celestial Kingdom such a great Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Books Edition!

There was a bit of a convergence of book posts this week! Adam Lee reviewed an LDS-interest book that I was not aware of -- I need to get a hold of it. Knotty reviewed one of our MAA Books: Sacred Road. And did you know that John Gustav-Wrathall wrote a book? Then there was my review of Johnny Townsend's new book. Other books I plan to read (when I'm not too busy drawing, learning German, designing Lego sets, etc.) include It's Not About The Sex My Ass and The Lost Book of Mormon. Discussion continues Read more [...]

What should I do?: Johnny Townsend’s “Behind the Zion Curtain”

With all big problems in this world, it's easy to feel small -- like there's nothing you can do to make a dent in any of them -- and wonder whether your life has any value. Religion to the rescue, right? Well, not exactly. The CoJCoL-dS can provide answers to these problems, but can't really promise they'll be satisfying. That's where Johnny Townsend's new book Behind the Zion Curtain comes in. He doesn't offer easy answers, but he understands. In his signature style, with humanity and humor, Read more [...]

Knowing Emma and Joseph’s History: A Response to the Speculative Essay on Early Polygamy– Alison Udall

It was really enjoyable to work my way through this. This is the first response I've done with these new church essays since I had read enough to be able to notice things that I recognized were missing, or implications that were being made that felt incomplete or inaccurate. As a result of this knowledge, I was surprised at how carefully this was written and what they choose to include and not. It bothered me more than I thought it it was a recent example of what I feel is an attempt Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Polygamapalooza Edition!

Wow!! The anonymous-yet-official mysterious oracle of the CoJC0L-dS has just officially admitted that Joseph Smith married multiple women, including teenagers and other men's wives! And other interesting stuff about Mormon polygamy! This is big news because bringing up any of these fact (true and well-established as they are) has traditionally been enough to get you branded "anti-Mormon"! So it looks like (the official website of the CoJCoL-dS) is now an anti-Mormon website. And, while it's Read more [...]
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