Sunday in Outer Blogness: Reflection Edition

Chanson asked me to fill in for SiOB this week - I think it's been a quiet week. (Sort of like Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon - it's always a quiet week). But this week is quiet for many reasons - perhaps we're all still reacting (or not reacting) to the news of Kate Kelly's excommunication - and the other active members who have been penalized or silenced. Still others are realizing that they can no longer stay in a church that would treat its members this way, and are leaving. The silence Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Corporations are people edition!

You've probably heard some very disturbing news from the United States Supreme Court this past week. If not, John Oliver nailed it: We've all had some laughs over this piece on reasons not to leave Mormonism. I like Profet's response and hawkgrrrl's: There’s an implied set of cautions for the church in all this too. Here are the five things this says about what we as a church should do: Quit being offensive. Quit being so vague about the doctrine and conflating policies and practices Read more [...]

The Church asks its gay members to water-down doctrine

The LDS gay community has had ideological ties with the evangelical gay community for many years. Both groups went through an "ex-gay" phase from the 1980s to the 2000s and now both groups are in a phase of "you can be gay, just don't act on it" after the near simultaneous collapse of the Evergreen and Exodus models to "pray away the gay." One of the differences between Mormonism and evangelicalism, though, is there is some room in the latter now to be gay-affirming and to preach that without Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: They did it edition!

Yes, they did it. They excommunicated Kate Kelly. For asking questions and for her "tone". And perhaps John Dehlin will be next. They even have this helpful "steadying the Ark" story from this week's Gospel Doctrine lesson to back the leaders up on this, and Jesus isn't as helpful as one might hope for the downtrodden. The amazing thing is to see people blaming Kate Kelly. Because maybe if she'd groveled a bit and promised to sit silently in the back of the chapel for the rest of her life Read more [...]

Server maintenance Thursday

I will be doing some server maintenance tomorrow (Thursday the 26th). There may be some down time.

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New Church Survey

Mormon Open Letter has added a survey to their site in a new tab. The purpose of this survey is to gather information about any church action or threatened church action (such as excommunication) that Mormon church members have experienced due to their outspokenness or questions in regards to doubts, church history, women's rights, LGBT rights, etc. Please complete the survey if this applies to you. Survey responses will be used in aggregate to inform analytics surrounding the current purge that Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Let’s talk about excommunication edition!

Now that it's been more than a week since the bomb dropped, the whole excommunication thing has gone into the discussion phase -- and (as Andrew S noted) everybody has something to say about it!!! Even this week's Old Testament lesson has some (tangentially related) points about how prophetic authority works. Kate Kelly won't be attending her excommunication trial tonight because she lives in Provo and the trial will be held in Virginia, but if you're in Virginia or Salt Lake City, maybe you Read more [...]

Why You Should Read and Sign The Mormon Open Letter

On February 7, 2014, we wrote the Mormon Open Letter addressed to Thomas S. Monson. The church had already started publishing essays in the Gospel Topics section of These essays introduced and attempted to explain some of the troubling historical events and doctrinal issues (e.g. translation of the Book of Mormon, Blacks and the Priesthood, multiple versions of the First Vision, etc) that have troubled so many of us. We wanted to create a forum where both former and active Latter-day Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Excommunication!!!!!!1!

The question on everyone's mind this week: "Has the CoCJoL-dS finally, truly jumped the shark?" Even God is displeased. You're probably aware by now that excommunication proceedings have begun for Kate Kelly -- the woman who had the audacity to prove the prophets embarrassingly wrong about womens' alleged lack of leadership skills -- and against Internet Mormon extraordinaire John Dehlin. Oh, and they threw in Alan Rock Waterman for good measure. You might be tempted to joke that Nobody expects Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: More Modesty Edition!

This week Ziff used his amazing statistical analysis talents to answer a question we've all been wondering about: Has there been an increase in modesty rhetoric in the Church in the past few years, or are we just imagining things? Spoiler alert: There has indeed been a big increase. (Don't forget to take this survey about garmies and body image.) And it's not just the Mormons! Although the lessons are overwhelmingly directed at the women, modesty teachings also harm males by teaching unhealthy Read more [...]
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