Why Mormon Spectrum?

When my husband went through a faith transition, in the Mormon church we were each raised in, we lost friends and a sense of community. Many of the people we had developed close relationships with pulled back from us. Some of our family members struggled to navigate this unexpected change in his perspectives and beliefs. Our church experience altered as now I had a husband that was no longer believing. We were now a mixed faith marriage instead of the traditional Mormon family. It wasn't that people Read more [...]

A Desire to Help

I have heard hundreds of members of the LDS Church, when they encounter someone who has left the church who is now critical of the church, say, "You can leave the Church, but you can't leave it alone" or, more confrontationally, "Why can't you leave the Church and just leave it alone?" Throughout this post, I'm going to refer to this as the "can't leave it alone" aphorism. I can't say whether this accusatory aphorism was popular prior to Glenn L. Pace's 1989 General Conference talk, Follow Read more [...]

Jesus Repositioned

In the 1970’s for reasons yet unexplained the Mormon Church suddenly found itself under scrutiny by mainline Protestant denominations. The basic charge was that the Mormon religion is a non-Christian cult. The Mormon’s response was to reposition Jesus in the Mormon display case. There emerged a Jesus consciousness that was unlike anything that had ever existed in the Mormon Church. With the repositioning of Jesus the Churched moved from stage one Jesus to a stage two Jesus. From the very Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Summer Fun Edition!

This past week we've celebrated two of the most favorite holidays on the exmo calendar: Pie-N-Beer Day (a.k.a. Pioneer Day) and Mass Resignation Day!! Regarding all the resignations: don't worry, the CoJCoL-dS has an awesome plan: When asked how they planned to cope with the fact that as many as 80 percent of the single Mormon women between 18 and 30 are no longer active in the LDS Church, Elaine Dalton, Young Women president, said, "That is the question of the day. . .I don't know that we have Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Mormon activists edition!

What do those Mormon progressives want? Actually, it's not all that surprising. Kate Kelly has stopped encouraging women to keep banging their heads against the church door (surprise: it actually feels a lot better when you stop). Sorry to discourage all the women who care about dragging the CoJCoL-dS into at least the late 20th century if not the 21st, but if you want a hint about what kind of success you'll have, just follow the money. Speaking of activists within Mormonism, Thinker of Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Double-standards edition!

To the surprise of probably no one, we learned this past week that a male Mormon celebrity can pose clad more scantily than a female Mormon celebrity -- without getting the same modesty-shaming. But there was an even more unpleasant display of how different types of Mormons get to follow different rules at Boyd K. Packer's funeral. Among the most offensive commandments ever issued by the CoJCoL-dS was Packer's directive that Mormon funerals shouldn't be about remembering the deceased -- they Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Gay marriage persecution edition!

It's been more than a week since gay marriage has been the law of the land in the US, and all of the old rifts have been opening up and pouring all over the Interwebs: But it really struck me when members of my own family start making posts about it. And some of the things they posted really really upset me. All the while I had to sit there and not say a word. If I had commented on their posts, or changed my picture to one with rainbows. Then I would have gotten nothing but hate and drama from Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Love Wins edition!

Probably a lot of you had this experience the other day: I know I did. Yes, the SCOTUS has ruled that the United States of America has joined the list of countries where marriage equality is the law of the land. And there was much rejoicing!! Also on social media, some believers went apocalyptic (satire), and the PR wing of the CoJCoL-dS encouraged members to get their persecution complex on. (Alex posted an amusing example of how he has evolved on this.) It's hard to be on the wrong side Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: More race edition!!

The discussion of the pool party incident wasn't even done when another racism horror story arrived on the scene. The recent tragedy in Charleston isn't about Mormonism, but... Mormonism has such a strong historical connection with American racism that naturally we've been talking about it this past week. In other racial news there was the bizarre tale of Rachel Dolezal. As messed-up as her actions were, I argued that we should not use this as motivation for the idea that people need to identify Read more [...]

Obligatory Violence and the Book of Mormon

Like so many people, I have spent the past two days convulsed with grief and horror at the events in Charleston. Also shame: America's latest accused mass murderer claimed he had to kill black people because they "rape our women," and it's as repugnant to me that anyone would murder a human being in defense of mythic white female purity as it was that another angry young man murdered people in Isla Vista 13 months ago because women wouldn't put out for him. Just in case anyone of that persuasion Read more [...]
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