Sunday in Outer Blogness: Love Wins edition!

Probably a lot of you had this experience the other day: I know I did. Yes, the SCOTUS has ruled that the United States of America has joined the list of countries where marriage equality is the law of the land. And there was much rejoicing!! Also on social media, some believers went apocalyptic (satire), and the PR wing of the CoJCoL-dS encouraged members to get their persecution complex on. (Alex posted an amusing example of how he has evolved on this.) It's hard to be on the wrong side Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: More race edition!!

The discussion of the pool party incident wasn't even done when another racism horror story arrived on the scene. The recent tragedy in Charleston isn't about Mormonism, but... Mormonism has such a strong historical connection with American racism that naturally we've been talking about it this past week. In other racial news there was the bizarre tale of Rachel Dolezal. As messed-up as her actions were, I argued that we should not use this as motivation for the idea that people need to identify Read more [...]

Obligatory Violence and the Book of Mormon

Like so many people, I have spent the past two days convulsed with grief and horror at the events in Charleston. Also shame: America's latest accused mass murderer claimed he had to kill black people because they "rape our women," and it's as repugnant to me that anyone would murder a human being in defense of mythic white female purity as it was that another angry young man murdered people in Isla Vista 13 months ago because women wouldn't put out for him. Just in case anyone of that persuasion Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Racial anniversary edition!

This past week, I kept seeing links to this article: On 37th anniversary of priesthood ban’s end, black Mormons say race issues still need attention. And I kept thinking, well duh -- is there anyone who thinks otherwise? Obviously just sweeping it under the rug doesn't suffice. (Note: Jane Manning James's story got some attention at the annual Mormon History Association conference.) Yep, racism's alive and well, and if you want some evidence, just have a look at the Texas pool party incident Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Excommunication again edition!!

I feel like a broken record here, blogging about this again, but I'm not exactly the one who's in a rut. The CoJCoL-dS has excommunicated yet another blogger for the terrible crime of discussing doctrine online in an interesting and thought-provoking way. Here's a first-hand account. Another blogger is currently in danger of losing access to his children due to his blogging. It gets to the point where one is almost proud to be destined for destruction. Then there are these popular stories that Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Duggars edition!

The Josh Duggar incest/molestation scandal has been the big topic of discussion and analysis this past week. These guys aren't Mormons, but the story has strong resonance for us because of their tradition's familiar attitudes about sexuality, gender roles, and family: In the LDS church, there was a massive focus in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s on having large numbers of children. Many people were given these manipulative sorts of promises when they were married, or chastised by their bishops Read more [...]

Atheists: Less Crime, Less Vengeance, Less Racism

Check out this article in the LA Times about Secular Family Values and how great they are. It's a few months old, but worth reading and relevant to many conversations held here. The conclusion will reassure many MSP readers: Being a secular parent and something of an expert on secular culture, I know well the angst many secular Americans experience when they can't help but wonder: Could I possibly be making a mistake by raising my children without religion? The unequivocal answer is no. Children Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Another day, another excommunication edition!

This time it's Marisa and Carson Calderwood: We have received the decision from our Stake Presidency about our disciplinary court and it states that we are apostates. This is a title we wear with honor! Yes, we are apostates! We are proud to have been kicked out of an organization that values obedience over truth finding. We love our Mormon family and friends and recognize that there are many good things in Mormonism, but if it chooses to value certain things that we are morally opposed to, Read more [...]

Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator: “It’s like religion. Believe what you want. Get out of it what you want.”

I loathe the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator with a fiery passion that is totally dormant as long as nothing reminds me of the test’s existence, which is how I prefer things. Once aroused, the fervor of my loathing takes a while to die down, which is why I’m blogging about it now: this week brought the test to my attention quite a few times. One way was that on Facebook, a bunch of people were posting this thingy defining the different types of hell for each Myers-Briggs type. (As I say in the Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Survey says edition!

This week's Mormon news item is one where I can give the CoJCoL-dS some real praise! Setting a good example for drought behavoir, they let the temple lawn go brown. You can probably guess what happened next... Perhaps you've heard about the new Pew Study on American religious trends, showing the shrinkage of Christianity. The whole thing provides an amusing example of the problems with journalism with an ideological spin. It looks like the CoJCoL-dS peaked with Gen-X, but the faithful Mormons Read more [...]
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