Transgender Mormon Survives Mass Murder

On Gay Pride Day in 1973, someone set fire to the entrance of a gay bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Within minutes, 28 people were dead, and 4 more died within the following two weeks from their burns. A mother died along with her two gay sons. A minister burned to death halfway out a window. A man ran into the bar’s bathroom to tell his friend the bar was on fire. The friend escaped. The man who’d alerted him died in the bathroom. Another man lost his partner in the fire as well. He Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Armageddon deferred (again) edition!

September ended, the "blood moon" came and went, and -- surprise, surprise -- the end-of-the-world financial collapse (predicted by Julie Rowe and the preppers) didn't happen. I was just wondering why so many people go bananas over disaster predictions that are just made up when there are so many reality-based problems they could be freaking out over. Probably because it's so much more exciting to have a problem where the solution is to buy a bunch of survival supplies than to have a problem Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Mental health edition!

Andrew S contrasted the attitudes of John Dehlin and Dan Wotherspoon using a quote that illustrates this week's LDS topic: It’s not just these isolated positive emotional experiences that I had, that you have had, that others have had…it’s the fact that those are tied to an institution that brings vulnerable people — and I will say vulnerable, whether it’s investigators that are ignorant to many of these things, or young children that are brought up in it and then…get…you know…the Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: tidbits edition!

This past week didn't have one big, over-arching Mo-related scandal (for once), but there were oh-so-many interesting tidbits!! Archeologists recently found the mass graves of the victims of the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the Mormon population numbers don't add up, and the fight for women's reproductive health in Utah just got a powerful new ally -- which inspired Geoff Openshaw to post an extended rant about how that's not news (Where's the man in that story? How can the media waste our time Read more [...]

More than feeding roots

I feel like it's important to share my experience and thoughts regarding a recent talk Elder Ballard gave in the Marriott Center to the Utah South Area. Why do I even care when I no longer believe or attend church? I have close family members that do believe and accept what LDS Church Leaders say as inspired, accurate and true. When he says things about people that no longer believe he is talking about me and others I care about. When he relays the experience of those that have left the church, and Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Julie Rowe Edition!

Whatever happened to that old-time LDS religion that was always on about how the end of the world is nigh? Probably some members like the newer, calmer CoJCoL-dS, but others are clearly unsatisfied with the weak porridge (and deletions) that the correlated corporate church serves up -- they want the exciting stuff back: among the “established” families, there seemed to be a high percentage of “doomsday preppers” with extreme right-wing views. Pretty much every sacrament meeting included Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: The Return!

Hi folks, I'm back!! When we last checked in with the church PR leaders, they were huffily, grudgingly sticking with the Boy Scouts as their youth program (and continuing their policy of ignoring girls). On immigration the right-wingers also have the opportunity to be out-of-sync with a political position held by the CoJCoL-dS: This is the Church’s position on immigration in the United States, which means that deporting all undocumented immigrants, and breaking up families in the process, Read more [...]

Technical Difficulties Commenting

You may have noticed that the comments on this blog are not currently working. This is a bug, not a feature. If you are able to comment, please leave a comment below. ;)

I will try to troubleshoot this problem this week, maybe Wednesday. We may have some downtime for maintenance. Thanks for your patience.

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Orson Scott Card teaming up with Scientology?

Did anyone else catch Orson Scott Card's recent interview in the magazine, Freedom, published by the Church of Scientology International?  Not sure how or why, but I was sent a copy in the mail (I'm not a subscriber).  The interview is kind of trippy and suggests just how ostracized Card must feel these days. Card claims that journalists are all required to share a political worldview, Right now we have a monolithic mainstream media. They all go through the same journalism schools where, if Read more [...]

Wednesday in Outer Blogness: The perils of love edition!!

Not exactly Mormon related, but the hot topic of the past week-and-a-half was the hacking of Ashley Madison -- exposing adulterers -- including everybody's favorite sleazy hypocrite: Josh Duggar. Apparently Josh Duggar apologised to his fans (and Jesus), but he should really be apologising to the LGBT couples out there whose (comparatively more moral/honest) relationships he slandered. The type of "morality" he's pushing does more harm than good. Andrew S explained why he won't have to: These Read more [...]
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