Time to vote for X-Mormon of the Year 2011!!!


Which “X-Mormon” had the biggest impact in 2011?

Note: We are not implying that any of the contestants here have left the church. Many are active, faithful members of the CoJCoL-dS. The “X” here is a variable, standing for any kind of exceptional Mormon.

Let’s meet the contestants!!

Joanna Brooks: The uncorrelated spokesperson for Mormonism.

Heather Armstrong: Author of the super-popular blog dooce.

Dustin Lance Black: Academy-award winning screenwriter; in 2011 wrote J Edgar.

Brent Beal: Writer of the popular online column “A Mormon in the Cheap Seats” (note especially this post).

John Dehlin: Podcaster of the fatastic “Mormon Stories”, and all-around [New Order?] Mormon community leader.

Bishop Kevin Kloosterman: The LDS bishop who dared to state that the church’s policies on homosexuality hurt gay people.

Emily Pearson: Author and performer; in 2011 released her memoir Dancing With Crazy.

Elna Baker: Author and performer; in 2011 lost her virginity and told the tale.

Clark Johnsen: Served and LDS mission, and is now playing a missionary in The Book of Mormon.

Jon Huntsman: Republican presidential candidate.

Pat Bagley: Hilarious cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune.

Mitch Mayne: An openly gay Latter-day Saint, sustained as the executive secretary in the Bishopric.

Wow!! So many X-Mormons had a huge impact in 2011!!! I can’t decide! If you can, vote here:

13 thoughts on “Time to vote for X-Mormon of the Year 2011!!!

  1. BYU Prof. Ralph Hancock: “I dont want to sound harsh or cruel, because I want [Joanna Brooks] to remain Mormon, but she must choose between being a gay-rights proponent and being a Mormon.”

  2. @2 — Amazing, isn’t it? It’s a good thing that — according to the new mouthpiece of the Lord (the LDS newsroom) — “BYU faculty members do not speak for the Church”!

    It really looks like this is Joanna’s year to win! Of course, who knows what she’s going to do (and what the church will do to her) in 2012…

  3. Well, I’m not going to engage in unseemly cheerleading here in a voting thread 😉 but I am happy to see that this looks like it could be the year that we wind up recognizing the important contribution of our borderlander friends. We might as well do it now before Mitt Romney gets ushered off the national stage for the last time and the chill returns to end this brief Mormon spring.

  4. @6 quite entertaining. Naturally, since she committed the cardinal sins (speaking publicly on Mormonism without being called to do so by the LDS Newsroom; speaking publicly while being female) she’s subjected to withering ideological critique from the standpoint of Brave Old Mormon White Guy.

  5. Unlike in years past, I have a sneaking suspicion that our winner this year might accept this honor with just a wee bit of trepidation… If so, just a friendly heads up: unlike BYU, we don’t accept returned diplomas, certificates or awards here at MSP 😉

  6. @10 Yeah, I hope she swings by with an acceptance speech like the other winners did — especially considering that a lot of us here know her. However, given the nonsense that she gets from the suits in the COB, I can completely understand if she doesn’t want to draw attention to receiving an “X-Mormon” award from a bunch of apostates (a.k.a. Mormon Alumni).

    We mean it as a positive award, not a joke or lampoon — but from the Brethren’s perspective, that probably makes it worse. 😉

  7. Hi Latterdaymainstreet,
    On a similar note,, Basically if you pay enough money you can hunt on church owned hunting preserves. Why doesn’t the church just put up a sign that reads “$1500 to kill Gods sacred creations”? The only ones who will be attracted to them are those who enjoy killing so much that they are willing to pay to kill. Isn’t it kind of evil to encourage killing for profit?
    Catch you again soon!

  8. @12 I have deleted your URL links because it looks like your remarks are largely motivated by a desire to advertise your website.

    In accordance with our usual policy on deletions (that we only delete under extreme circumstances) I have not deleted your comment. However, I would ask that you read (and stick to) our commenting policy.

    To everyone else, the usual friendly service announcement not to feed the trolls. 😉

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