He Puts Us in a Shark Suit


My last post asserted that God is a jerk.  I think the evidence supports that assertions pretty well. But maybe he’s a jerk with a really great sense of humor?  Maybe everything seems so ridiculous to us because it amuses him to watch us run around and be scared and look utterly goofy? Maybe we are to him what a cat in a shark suit on a roomba terrorizing a duckling is to us?

Anyway.  Just turn off all other media, turn the sound up on your computer, enlarge this video to full screen, and take the 78 seconds required to watch it. You’ll be glad you did, even if it doesn’t help you understand God.

4 thoughts on “He Puts Us in a Shark Suit

  1. I noticed how easy it was to get out of the way of the shark (God); yet, it wasn’t so easy to ignore said shark (God).

    thanks for the laugh and the analogy. :O)

  2. In my analogy, we’re the ones either in the shark suit or running from the cat on the roomba, and God is the one engineering the whole situation and laughing at us. But I suppose it can work various ways.

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