Congratulations 2017 Brodie Award Winners!!!

2017-Brodies-200px Congrats to the following winners and to all who participated!!

Year-long awards for people and groups:

Brodies 2017: Best New Blog/Channel/Podcast: Radio Free Mormon

Brodies 2017: Best Humor/Satire Blog/Channel/Podcast: Brother Jake

Brodies 2017: Best Mormon History Blog/Channel/Podcast: Naked Mormonism

Brodies 2017: Best LDS-Church-Info Site: MormonLeaks

Brodies 2017: Best LDS-interest Discussion Forum: r/exmormon

Brodies 2017: Best Exmormon Reddit Contributor:u/missedinsunday

Awards for Individual Works:

Brodies 2017: Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction): The Book of Laman, by Mette Ivie Harrison

Brodies 2017: Best LDS-Interest Book (non-fiction): Michael Quinn’s Mormon Hierarchy: wealth and corporate power

Brodies 2017: Best LDS-Interest Song: Tapirback Rider, by Weird Alma

Brodies 2017: Best Poem: The War Goes On, by Clarence Tong

Brodies 2017: Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image: Mormon Merit Badges

Brodies 2017: Best Post Title: Blue balls, flaming swords and the language of coercion, by Thinker of Thoughts

Brodies 2017: Funniest Humor Piece: a tie between Evil Apostate Series, by Thoughts on Things and Stuff, and God Steps Down Amid Sexual Assault Allegations, by Tanner Gilliland

Brodies 2017: Funniest Parody: Straight Outta Cumorah, by Weird Alma

Brodies 2017: Best Metaphor/Analogy/Allegory: A Den of Thieves: The LDS LGBTQ+ Story as Currency, by Nathan K.

Brodies 2017: Best From the Pulpit Sermon: Savannah’s Testimony

Brodies 2017: Most Poignant Personal Story: Mike Norton on Mormon Stories

Brodies 2017: Best Exit Story: an email to her bishop rejects any and all callings because representing the church in any capacity would compromise her integrity, by Reddit user PlanitL

Brodies 2017: Best Life Journey Piece: a tie between A Sunday in the life of a closeted exmormon, by Reddit user my_name_is_NO, and Stepping Out of the Big Tent: The Possibility of Leaving Mormonism, by Lynette

Brodies 2017: Best Activist/Activtist Movement Within Mormonism: Protect the Children Petition by Sam Young

Brodies 2017: Best Leak or Personal Recording: Savannah’s Testimony originally released by NewNameNoah

Brodies 2017: Best LDS Church Watch Piece: Eclipsing the Truth, by Alex

Brodies 2017: Best Response to Apologetics: Response to 3Mormons on Race in Mormonism, by Thoughts on Things and Stuff

Brodies 2017: Best LDS-Culture Piece: 178 & 179: The Truths About Marital Intimacy: A Critique of Wendy Nelson’s Sex Talk: Helfer-Parker and de Azevedo-Hanks

Brodies 2017: Best History Piece: Undeniable proof that the Journal of Discourses (JoD) was/is an official church publication, by Gileriodekel

Brodies 2017: Best Scripture Study Piece: Ether 15: The End of the World As We Know It, by Alex

Brodies 2017: Best Discussion on Parenting: Taking Back My Power, by Dad’s Primal Scream

Brodies 2017: Best Discussion on Orientation: White Shirt, Black Name Tag, Big Secret, by Ellis Jeter

Brodies 2017: Best Discussion on Gender: Cheating LDS Young Women – Again, by Gina Colvin

Brodies 2017: Best Discussion on Race: Response to 3 Mormons on Race, by Thoughts on Things and Stuff

Brodies 2017: Most Insightful Commentary on the CoJCoL-dS: Face2Face series, by Thinker of Thoughts

Brodies 2017: Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion: Undue influence in general conference: obedience, by Luna Lindsey and Jonathan Streeter

Brodies 2017: Best short media presentation: Revelation Through Hallucination, by Bryce Blankenagel and Cody Noconi at the Sunstone Symposium

Brodies 2017: Best Podcast Episode: Year of Polygamy, Episode 139, Dispelling the idea that Joseph Smith fought polygamy, by Lindsay Hansen Park with John Dinger, Bryan Buchanan, and John Hatch

Brodies 2017: Best Book Review: 6 Must-Read Books for Ex-Mormons, by Samantha Shelley

To all of the winners, here’s your winner graphic that you can display on your website:



What fun that was! Thanks to all who nominated and voted — I’ve found some great new sites to follow in my own reading! 😀

To see the poll results and links to all of the nominees, look here.

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  1. Thanks everyone!! This has been a fun activity, and I’m glad to hear that people enjoyed it!

    I am hoping to get back on track with doing SiOB regularly again soon. Thanks for everyone’s patience!

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