Time to vote for the 2015 Brodie Awards!!!


The polls will remain open until Friday, February 5, 2016.

Year-Long Awards for overall quality:

Best New Blog:

Best New Podcast:

Best Discussion Forum:

Best Humor Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast:

Best LDS-Interest Interview-and-discussion Podcast:

Best LDS Church Watch/Analysis Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast:

Best Scripture Study Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast:

Best Faithful-Perspective Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast:

Awards for Individual Works:

Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction):

Best LDS-Interest Book (Non-fiction):

Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image:

Best Mormon-Themed Meme:

Funniest Humor Piece:

Best Parody:

Best Allegory or Analogy:

Best Post Title:

Best Original Research Regarding Mormonism:

Best Mormon Scoop or Leak:

Best Personal Recording:

Best Church Watch:

Best Response to Apologetics:

Best History Piece:

Most Insightful Commentary on the CoJCoL-dS:

Best Scripture-Study Piece:

Best Mormonism-and-Orientation Post:

Best Mormonism-and-Race Discussion:

Best Mormonism-and-Gender Discussion:

Best Exit Story:

Best Faith Journey Piece:

Best Advice:

Most Poignant Personal Story:

Best Mormon Parenting Piece:

Best Real-Life Act or Activism:

Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction:

Best from-the-pulpit speech/sermon:

Most fantastic r/mormon AMA:

Best Poem:

Thanks for all the nominations, and good luck to all participants!!

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