Time to vote for X-Mormon of the year 2012!!!


It’s going to be a tough choice this year, folks!! We have some amazing candidates!!

Here are some details about the nominees:

  • Kyrsten Sinema: The first person to get elected to US Congress while openly identifying as bisexual. Also possibly the only non-theist in the US Congress.
  • David Twede: Faced church discipline for his work on MormonThink, then publicly resigned from the CoJCoL-dS during a session of the Ex-Mormon Foundation Conference.
  • Tom Phillips: Received the extremely exclusive/secret LDS ordinance “the Second Anointing” — and published an account of the experience!
  • All Enlisted: This Facebook group organized a date for Mormon women to wear pants to church! This controversial action attracted death threats and tons of national news coverage.
  • Jon Huntsman Jr.: Though most of his splash was really in 2011, probably many people wish he had continued his candidacy into 2012 since he was easily the most reasonable serious contender in the Republican primaries (and he was openly a less-devout Mormon).
  • Dustin Lance Black: For his film 8: The Mormon Proposition which received some significant attention in 2012.
  • Grant Palmer: Famous as the author of An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins, Grant Palmer has done extensive research on Mormon History, including an article on William and Jane Law in 2012 (quite relevant for this award!!). Palmer was scheduled for church discipline in 2012 but resigned from the CoJCoL-dS instead.

Good luck making your selections!! 😀

You have two weeks to vote, starting right now.

7 thoughts on “Time to vote for X-Mormon of the year 2012!!!

  1. I still don’t understand why those folks would opt out of the excommunication drama. Anyway, I’ve got no right to complain about exmos going mainstream… I voted for Huntsman.

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