Gathering MORE nominations for the 2017 Brodie Awards!!

2017-Brodies-200px The voting for X-Mormon of the Year is underway you have until January 20th to get your vote in!!

As usual, we’re also doing the Brodie Awards — a fun little yearly activity intended to give some extra recognition and signal boost to the best LDS-interest content published/posted during the past year.

Unfortunately, this has been a bit of a slow year so far for the Brodie awards — in part because I haven’t had as much time to keep things lively here at MSP since taking my new job. I’m glad to see some people are still having fun with this and have started leaving their nominations!

Now I’m going to do a first-pass of organizing this year’s categories, adding some nominations of my own, and pointing out which categories need more nominations. Remember that each category needs a least three nominations to continue on to the voting and awards rounds. The nomination process will continue for two more weeks and then we will begin voting. Here we go!

Year-long awards for people and groups:

Best New Blog/Channel/Podcast

Best Humor/Satire Blog/Channel/Podcast

Best Mormon History Blog/Channel/Podcast

Best LDS-Church-Info Site

Best LDS-interest Discussion Forum

Best Exmormon Reddit Contributor

  • u/invisibles_cubit
  • u/relevantlife
  • This category needs more nominations.

Best faithful-perspective Mormon Blog

Awards for Individual Works:

Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction)

Best LDS-Interest Book (General non-fiction)

Best LDS-Interest Book (Narrative non-fiction)

Best LDS-Interest Song

Best Poem

Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image

Best Mormon-Themed Meme

Best Post Title

Funniest Humor Piece

Funniest Parody

Best Metaphor/Analogy/Allegory

Best From the Pulpit Sermon

Most Poignant Personal Story

Best Exit Story

Best Life Journey Piece

Best Activist Movement Within Mormonism

Best Leak or Personal Recording

Best LDS Church Watch Piece

Best Response to Apologetics

Best LDS-Culture Piece

Best History Piece

Best Scripture Study Piece

Best Discussion on Parenting

Best Discussion on Orientation

Best Discussion on Gender

Best Discussion on Race

Most Insightful Commentary on the CoJCoL-dS

Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion

Best short media presentation

Best Book Review

How to nominate: Just post your nominations as comment to this thread, but please include links to the works you nominate. If your nomination comment ends up in the spam filter, please email me (chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com) and I will fish it out. (Also note that if you post each nomination as a separate comment, they’re less likely to get flagged as spam.)

And don’t forget the nomination guidelines:

  • Please nominate as many people, books, blogs, sites, podcasts, songs, articles, images, etc. as you want. However, please do not nominate more than two individual works by any one author/artist.
  • You are encouraged to nominate your own works. No one knows better than you do which pieces were your best. No more than two, though.
  • Please nominate works that first appeared during 2017.
  • Please try to nominate people and works that have some connection with Mormonism (eg. either the work touches on Mormonism, or the author is a current or former Mormon and/or is an active participant in our community).
  • A category must have at least three nominations in order to be included in the voting and awards phase.
  • You may suggest your own categories — however please do it as early as possible in the nominations process, to give others plenty of time to add nominations in your proposed categories.
  • Any other proposed changes to the categories or to the guidelines are welcome — feel free to discuss it in the comments.
  • The nominations will be open until mid-January, 2018, depending on my schedule. I will finalize the dates and categories and add my own nominations a few days before the nominations close and voting begins.

Thanks for all of your nominations!!!


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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44 Responses

  1. Colleen says:

    Best new podcast of 2017, Mormon Happy Hour.

  2. Julie says:

    Best Short Media Presentation
    MormonLeaks – Transparency and Ethics in the 21st Century, Ryan McKnight

    Best Mormon History Podcast : Year of Polygamy

  3. Clarence Tong wrote a poem as an answer to the Ensign artcle from April 2017 called, The War Goes On

    We had a friend put it onto a reinbow background and it made the rounds for several months

    I just published it on a website so that I an nominate Clarence Tong’s for his poetry. Thank you

  4. 4blockhead says:

    Best Short Media Presentation: Donovan Feist’s remarks at the resignation rally in Salt Lake City in November>by Donovan Feist.

    Best Life Journey Piece: A Sunday in the life of a closeted exmormon by Reddit user my_name_is_NO

  5. 4blockhead says:

    Best from-the-pulpit sermon: Three Sisters by Dieter Uchtdorf

  6. 4blockhead says:

    Best Discussion on Orientation: McMurrin Lecture: Science vs. Dogma by Gregory Prince

  7. 4blockhead says:

    Best from-the-pulpit Sermon: Act of Confession by Reverend Jerrod Lowry (in unison with the assembled pastorate) at the Utah Pride Interfaith Service in Salt Lake City on June 1.

  8. 4blockhead says:

    Best Podcast Episode: Steve Shields by Project Zion Podcast, Josh Mangelson interviewer

  9. 4blockhead says:

    Please, check the spam filter for a post with four nominations.

  10. Joe says:

    I nominate /r/MormonDoctrine for Best LDS interest discussion forum

  11. Gileriodekel says:

    Best Exmormon Reddit Contributor

    Best History Piece
    Gileriodekel’s “Undeniable proof that the Journal of Discourses (JoD) was/is an official church publication.”

    (I know its cheesy to nominate yourself, but JoD is very often dismissed as not an official publication, and I haven’t seen a response to that line of thought as thorough as mine.)

    Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion
    /u/PedanticGod’s /r/MormonDoctrine

  12. chanson says:

    Thanks for all the great nominations, everyone!!

    Keep ’em coming! 😀

  13. chanson says:

    @4blockhead — I looked in the spam filter, but I can’t find the comment. Can you try again to post them in individual comments? Or just email them to me (chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com), and I will post them myself as nominations from you.

    Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

  14. Brynne says:

    Best Discussion on Parenting:
    “The F-Word that Really Harms Our Kids” @BrynneGant

    Best LDS-Culture Piece:
    “They Can Leave the Church, But They Can’t Leave the Church Alone” @BrynneGant

    Best Response to Apologetics:
    “They Can Leave the Church, But They Can’t Leave the Church Alone” @BrynneGant

  15. 4blockhead says:

    Best Response to Apologetics: Debunking uniqueness of NHM on the Arabian peninsulaby Reddit user KenjaTime_

  16. 4blockhead says:

    Best Podcast Episode: Year of Polygamy, Episode 139, Dispelling the idea that Joseph Smith fought polygamy by Lindsay Hansen Park with John Dinger, Bryan Buchanan, and John Hatch

  17. 4blockhead says:

    Best Comic or Image: house of cards by Reddit user 4blockhead

  18. 4blockhead says:

    Best Exmormon Contributor: missedinsunday

  19. 4blockhead says:

    Best Podcast Episode: Who is Denver Snuffer? by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson, Mormonism Research Ministry

  20. 4blockhead says:

    Best Short Media Presentation: commentary on BBC’s 2012 interview with apostle Jeffrey Holland by Reddit user bomonomo, blogger “Thinker of Thoughts” (commentary was finally allowed under fair use in 2017)

  21. 4blockhead says:

    Best History Piece: an Official LDS essay relies on an interesting historical article from 1831 by Reddit user anyonehaveanswers

  22. 4blockhead says:

    Best Metaphor/Analogy/Allegory: The Church used my body as currency by Reddit user sarahpratt

  23. chanson says:

    Thanks for all of the great nominations!!! I was so disappointed that this was going to be a slow year, but you guys are really coming through! 😀

  24. Henry says:

    Please nominate this for Best Poem!

  25. 4blockhead says:

    Best Discussion on Parenting: Advice about sex for a college-bound girl by Gabrielle Blair

  26. 4blockhead says:

    Best Podcast Episode: at the Salt Lake City Public Library, Peggy Fletcher Stack reflects on 26 Years on the Faith BeatMormon Land, Jennifer Napier-Pearce interviewer.

  27. Donna Banta says:

    Best short media presentation: Zelph on the Shelf, “Reading Greg Trimble: You Should Not Leave Mormonism For Any Of These 5 Reasons.”

  28. 4blockhead says:

    Best short media presentation: Way of the Mister: Steel Swords and Burning Bosoms by Brian Dalton

  29. Nominating Deb Diener of Children Matter FB Page who compiled a huge list of instances of Child Sexual Abuse perpetrated by LDS members. This was a ton of work and she deserves to be recognized for working so hard to protect the children.

    I’m not sure what catagory but please add her or make one and get more women on your list!

  30. 4blockhead says:

    Best Scripture Study Piece: Viewpoint on Mormonism: The Book of Galatians by Mormonism Research Ministry, Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson

  31. howdidwenotsee says:

    Best LDS commentary/watch peiece!

    This is amazing and doesn’t get the notice it should. Hear two apostles admit that they rarely get answers from prayer and that we need to prepare to approach the throne of God to pray and that he isn’t going to respond to trivial things or even respond at all. So basically the brethren are winging it.

    Great Job Jonathan.

  32. LambentStar says:

    Best Mormon History Blog/Channel/Site
    Thoughts on Things and Stuff

    Best Discussion on Race
    “Response to 3 Mormons on Race”

    Best Short Media Presentation (? Not sure if it fits)
    Henry Eyring – Masterclass in Emotional Manipulation

  33. Alliegator says:

    Best song:

    Mother where art thou, by Julie de Azevedo.

  34. we-were-gods says:

    Best Exmormon Reddit Contributor /u/bwv549. (Comment history speaks for itself. The depth and breadth and quality of his contributions are especially deserving of a Brodie nomination and our votes. He’s charitable in every conversation and his insights have elevated the discussion more than any other Redditor discussing Mormonism at the moment. It’s a pleasure to make this nomination.)

  35. Leenie says:

    Best Podcast Episode Mormon Discussions: The Backdrop and Context of The Family A Proclamation to the World

  36. Best commentary/response to Church Event

    Face2Face series, Thinker of Thoughts

  37. Best new website – missed in Sunday school

    Craig Stapley

  38. Costello Ashley says:

    This fabric of yours is truly worth typically the time
    I’ve spent reading it. Typically the last time I have seen something nearly as good was
    with I would just like to thank you for a
    new job well done. Keep writing, you are effective in it!

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