Congratulations 2014 Brodie Award Winners!!!

The results are in!! Here are the folks who will be taking home a coveted Brodie Award this year!! Naturally I especially want to congratulate the winners, but there were so many great nominations this year (and so many tight races) that I’d like to congratulate everyone who participated! (The final numbers and links to all nominees are here on the voting page.)

Year-long awards for people and websites:

Best New Blog: Funny Mormon Memes

Best Discussion Forum: Exmormon Reddit

Best Humor/Satire Site or Blog: Brother Jake

Best LDS-Interest Audio/Video Channel: My Book of Mormon Podcast

Best LDS Church Watch/Analysis Blog or Website: Debunking FAIR’s Debunking

Best Scripture Study Blog/Podcast: My Book of Mormon Podcast (by David)

Brodies 2014: Best faithful-perspective Mormon Blog: Young Mormon Feminists

Awards for Individual Works:

Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction): Free Electricity (by Ryan Rhodes)

Best LDS-Interest Book (Non-fiction): American Crucifixion: The Murder of Joseph Smith and the Fate of the Mormon Church (by Alex Beam)

Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image: A rare copy of Joseph Smith’s Egyptology 101 Final Examination (by Bart Pascoal)

Best Mormon-Themed Meme: Priorities (by Exmomemes)

Most fantastic r/mormon AMA: Kate Kelly

Best Post Title: Members of Ordain Women Admitted into Priesthood Meeting for First Time, Immediately Regret it (by Snorri Sturluson)

Funniest Humor Piece: Satan Files for Bankruptcy (Infants on Thrones)

Most Poignant Personal Story: Exposing the numbers behind LDS Growth in Latin America: A Missionary Confession (by Mike GQ)

Best Exit Story: We are the family of 7 that just resigned! (by addictedtothetruth)

Best Moving On from Mormonism Piece: How we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the church isn’t true (Mormon Expression podcast)

Best Original Research Regarding Mormonism: A comparison between the Book of Mormon and the Late War… (by Chris Johnson and Duane Johnson)

Best LDS Church Watch Piece: LDS Church should make clear Smith was wrong to take 14-year-old wife (by Kristy Money)

Best Podcast Series or Episode: The Placebo Effect (series from Infants on Thrones)

Best Response to Apologetics: A Response to “Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham” (by Dr. Robert Ritner)

Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction: So the other day I brought my Atheist boyfriend to a Mormon church service. (by Kelsey S)

Best Religion-and-Race Discussion: Mormonism and race in 2014 (by Andrew S)

Best Religion-and-Gender Discussion: A Sexual Abuse Survivor Responds to Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

Best Religion-and-Orientation Post: Officially a Married Couple in Utah!! (by Chelsey Sidler-Lartey)

Best Erotic or Sexual Piece: Blast from the past: Sex and shame in Mormon teenhood (by Liz Emery)

Best History Piece: Year of Polygamy (fMh podcast series)

Most Insightful Commentary on the CoJCoL-dS: The Cycle of Misattributed Victory Over Self-Abuse (by Thinker of Thoughts)

Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion: Truth & Deception (by Jen)

Best Parody/Metaphor/Analogy: Doubt Your Doubts (by Diane E. Tingen)

Best Poem: If Only (by Letters from the Vineyard)

Best Review: Little Factories (Infants on Thrones)

Best Recipe: Fun with quinoa!! (by Chanson)

Here are this year’s winner badges:

If you have won, feel free to copy one of these images and post it on your website.

And now it’s time for my usual yearly pitch: Have you ever thought of blogging about Mormonism but don’t want the hassle of trying to build and maintain an audience on your own blog? Write for Main Street Plaza! It doesn’t pay, but it’s fun, and your article won’t get downvoted. 😉 (If you are interested, email chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com)

I have a couple of apologies for minor glitches in this year’s awards:

1. I accidentally said the voting would end on “Thursday, February 13, 2015”. Sadly, there exists no such date. I meant Thursday (because I have to work on Fridays), and the precise date number was a bit of an error. I hope I didn’t ruin anyone’s chances of winning if they were planning to rally on the night of the 12th…
2. There were a couple of complaints about certain works that should have been included that missed the nomination deadline. I’m sorry about that. Part of the problem is that sometimes people don’t even hear about the Brodie Awards until nominees start campaigning for themselves — after the polls have been posted, and by then it’s too late. But, now you know — we do this every year. The nomination period covers a stretch of at least two weeks in January.

Thanks everyone for your participation!! I’m already looking forward to next year!! 😀


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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  1. Donna Banta says:

    Congrats to all the winners and thanks again for doing this for all of us chanson.

  2. Just Jill says:

    Congrats to all the winners. Thanks for good reading and listening this last year. I’m looking forward to following many of the winners who are new to me.

    Thanks Chanson, for all your time and efforts.

  1. February 16, 2015

    […] week, the voting for the Brodies Awards closed, and chanson posted the winners…check that link for them all, but my “Mormonism and Race in 2014” won in the […]

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