Collecting Nominations for X-Mormon of the Year 2016

X-Mormon-2016-300x223 It’s awards season again, and this year’s contest for William Law X-Mormon of the Year looks like it will be the most exciting one yet!!

When Jeremy Runnells excommunicated the church at his disciplinary council this past Spring, I immediately concluded that he had the 2016 X-Mormon of the Year title locked up. He’s been a contender for years, and now with him actually exiting the CoJCoL-dS, it looks like it’s his year. But… then came Tyler Glenn, painting an X on his own face in a popular music video!!

And these two aren’t the only contenders! I’m hoping to get a good collection of nominations so that all of the exmormons who have done amazing things in 2016 can get some extra end-of-the-year recognition!!

Please leave your nominations in the comments below.

** ETA: I had erroneously stated that Runnells got excommunicated — in fact he was called in for a disciplinary council but resigned before they had a chance to X him. ***


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22 Responses

  1. While I think Tyler Glenn should definitely be nominated, I think Jeremy Runnels has done so much with his CES letter that I think I’m favoring him. (Until I see the other nominees who I’ve forgotten about and realize I may have to rethink my vote.) Aaron Brown came out as the guy who leaked the November anti-gay policy, but he’s still an active member, so I don’t think we can nominate him. Then there was the guy who leaked docs and videos a couple of months ago, but I don’t know his name and think he may still be a member, too, since he probably had to be a member to get access to those docs.

  2. Hiking1950 says:

    Jeremy Runnels all the way!!!

  3. Julie says:

    My nominations:

    Jeremy Runnels
    Tyler Glenn
    Mike Norton

  4. Joseph M says:

    Jeremy Runnels

  5. James Ferrin says:

    I nominate Todd Christofferson, He has been invaluable in creating question and doubt. While not an Ex-Mormon, his over zealous words have helped many to overcome and be able to call themselves Ex-Mormon in 2016.
    I’ll give Tyler the Exmo Grammy and Mike the Exmo Oscar 🙂

  6. chanson says:

    Also I think Fearless Fixxer should be nominated for all his work with the leakers.

  7. Ayecapnx says:

    Clay Christensen.

  8. Cameron says:

    Jeremy Runnels. This is his time. This is the year that he got excommunicated. Tyler will have his chance, but I feel like his story is not done yet.

  9. Michelle says:

    Tyler Glenn!!!!

  10. Traci says:

    Tyler Glenn

  11. Freddy says:


  12. Bruce A. Holt says:

    Jeremy Runnels.

  13. WMS says:

    Jeremy Runnells

  14. adsf says:


  15. Sage Turk says:

    I never see the Infants on Thrones guys mentioned – particularly Glenn Ostlund. Deep thought and cracking shelves is one thing – being wildly entertaining at the same time, consistantly, week after week after week with incredibly high production values to boot – I think Glenn and co. at least deserve a solid nomination.

  16. Amanda says:

    Mark Naugle

  17. Brigham Young.

    He abandoned all mainstream church teachings while holding a high-visibility calling.

  18. Yobispo says:

    Clay Christensen. He represents so many of us normal, believing folks who said , “hell no”.

  19. chanson says:

    @Sage Turk — I’ll be announcing nominations for Brodie Award nominations soon, and those guys have won quite a lot of them. The X-Mormon of the Year Award is more for real-life actions and/or getting covered in the national media. Then we have the Brodie Awards for all of the great content over the past year, including podcasts, books, articles, music, etc.

  20. chanson says:

    And thanks everyone for the great nominations — please keep them coming!!

  21. chanson says:

    Erin Robertson, see this thread.

  22. Alex says:

    Jeremy Runnells

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