Collecting Nominations for X-Mormon of the Year 2016


X-Mormon-2016-300x223 It’s awards season again, and this year’s contest for William Law X-Mormon of the Year looks like it will be the most exciting one yet!!

When Jeremy Runnells excommunicated the church at his disciplinary council this past Spring, I immediately concluded that he had the 2016 X-Mormon of the Year title locked up. He’s been a contender for years, and now with him actually exiting the CoJCoL-dS, it looks like it’s his year. But… then came Tyler Glenn, painting an X on his own face in a popular music video!!

And these two aren’t the only contenders! I’m hoping to get a good collection of nominations so that all of the exmormons who have done amazing things in 2016 can get some extra end-of-the-year recognition!!

Please leave your nominations in the comments below.

** ETA: I had erroneously stated that Runnells got excommunicated — in fact he was called in for a disciplinary council but resigned before they had a chance to X him. ***

22 thoughts on “Collecting Nominations for X-Mormon of the Year 2016

  1. While I think Tyler Glenn should definitely be nominated, I think Jeremy Runnels has done so much with his CES letter that I think I’m favoring him. (Until I see the other nominees who I’ve forgotten about and realize I may have to rethink my vote.) Aaron Brown came out as the guy who leaked the November anti-gay policy, but he’s still an active member, so I don’t think we can nominate him. Then there was the guy who leaked docs and videos a couple of months ago, but I don’t know his name and think he may still be a member, too, since he probably had to be a member to get access to those docs.

  2. I nominate Todd Christofferson, He has been invaluable in creating question and doubt. While not an Ex-Mormon, his over zealous words have helped many to overcome and be able to call themselves Ex-Mormon in 2016.
    I’ll give Tyler the Exmo Grammy and Mike the Exmo Oscar 🙂

  3. Jeremy Runnels. This is his time. This is the year that he got excommunicated. Tyler will have his chance, but I feel like his story is not done yet.

  4. I never see the Infants on Thrones guys mentioned – particularly Glenn Ostlund. Deep thought and cracking shelves is one thing – being wildly entertaining at the same time, consistantly, week after week after week with incredibly high production values to boot – I think Glenn and co. at least deserve a solid nomination.

  5. @Sage Turk — I’ll be announcing nominations for Brodie Award nominations soon, and those guys have won quite a lot of them. The X-Mormon of the Year Award is more for real-life actions and/or getting covered in the national media. Then we have the Brodie Awards for all of the great content over the past year, including podcasts, books, articles, music, etc.

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