It’s time to vote for X-Mormon of the Year 2017!!!


X-Mormon-2017-300x223 It’s poll time for William Law X-Mormon of the Year! Before you vote, though, please consider nominating your favorite bloggers, podcasters, etc. for this year’s Brodie Awards! Anyone can nominate.

Here are this year’s X-MotY nominees and what they did in 2017:

Vote here:

The poll will remain open for two weeks — until January 20th, 10a.m. Switzerland time. May the splashiest X-Mormon win!!

2 thoughts on “It’s time to vote for X-Mormon of the Year 2017!!!

  1. I voted for Samantha and though I think she’s amazing and has really put herself on the map for her kind and brave heart, I’d really like to change my vote to Sam Young because what he’s doing is important and can touch and change many more Mormon lives.

  2. @visitor — I understand, but unfortunately I can’t modify the votes. Maybe you can cancel it out by getting two of your friends who otherwise wouldn’t have heard of this poll and asking them to vote for Sam Young.

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