Congratulations 2016 Brodie Award Winners!!

Here are the results:

Year-long awards for people and groups:

Best New Blog/Channel/Podcast: Mormon Censorship

Best Humor/Satire Blog/Channel/Podcast: Brother Jake

Best Scripture Study Blog/Channel/Podcast: My Book of Mormon Podcast

Best Mormon History Blog/Channel/Podcast: Naked Mormonism Podcast

Best LDS-Church-Info Site: MormonThink

Best LDS-interest Discussion Forum: r/exmormon/

Best Exmormon Reddit Contributor: u/fearlessfixxer

Best faithful-perspective Mormon Blog or Podcast: Wheat & Tares

Awards for Individual Works:

Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction): Invasion of the Spirit Snatchers, by Johnny Townsend

Best LDS-Interest Book (General non-fiction): The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy: Haunting the Hearts and Heaven of Mormon Women and Men, by Carol Lynn Pearson

Best LDS-Interest Book (Narrative non-fiction): Leonard Arrington and the Writing of Mormon History, by
Gregory A. Prince

Best LDS-Interest Song: Trash, by Tyler Glenn

Best Poem: Junebug, by Leia

Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image: Pat Bagley: on reporting rape at BYU

Best Mormon-Themed Meme: Where Will You Go? – Artistic Edition, by Steve Otteson

Best Post Title: Pussy Grabbernacle Choir Begins Telestial Outreach Tour, by Timothy McFoster

Funniest Humor Piece: Elder Holland Furious over Apostate Flapdoodles, by Mahonri Smith

Funniest Parody: Brother Joseph, by Brother Jake

Best Metaphor/Analogy/Allegory: Top 10 ways the church is like North Korea, by Mormon Expression Podcast

Best From the Pulpit Sermon: Tad Callister

Most Poignant Personal Story: Naked Mormonism Podcast – “CC – Norma” (after episode 41)

Best Exit Story: Tyler Glenn on Mormon Stories

Best Original Research Regarding Mormonism: Youth Suicide Rates and Mormon Religious Context: An Additional Empirical Analysis, by Benjamin Knoll

Best Leak or Personal Recording: Leaked conversation with the brethren and former Oregon Senator, Gordon Smith, by anonymous via Ryan McKnight

Best LDS Church Watch Piece: News of BYU Rape Policies are Triggering Me…, by Natasha Helfer Parker

Best Response to Apologetics: The Dominant Narrative Is Not True, by Bill Reel

Best LDS-Culture Piece: Challenging the “Addiction” Paradigm with Regard to Pornography, by Mormon Matters Podcast

Best History Piece: Mark Hoffman Series on Naked Mormonism Podcast (after Spec Ed 28)

Best Scripture Study Piece: 3 Nephi 19: In Which Jesus is Terrible at his Job, by Alex

Most Insightful Commentary on the CoJCoL-dS: Malcom Gladwell, Elder Holland and the Legitimacy of Authority, by James Patterson

Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion:Reflections on the New Zealand/Australia Special Conference: Finding Mormonism’s Thin Places, by Gina Colvin

Best Podcast Episode: Mormon Stories: 650-652, One Ordinary Family’s Extraordinary Mormon Transition

Best Short Media Presentation: Sidney Rigdon: Forgotten Hero of Mormonism, by Bryce Blankenagel, Seattle Sunstone

And here are this year’s award buttons! If you are a winner, please feel free to copy these graphics and display them on your site:



If you would like to see the results of the voting, the completed polls (and the lists of nominees) are here.

Congratulations to 2016’s winners and to everyone who participated!!


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