Opening the Brodie nominations and closing the X-Mormon of the Year Nominations!

We’ve got some great nominations for X-Mormon of the Year — you can continue to add nominations until we begin voting on Wednesday, January 15.

And now it’s that time of year again to start collecting the nominations for the Brodie Awards!!!

This is the fifth year of the Brodie Awards! I seem to have gotten off to a bit of a slow start this year, but it’s always a little different every time. Please have a look at the winners from the last four years to see what kind of excellent content the Brodie Awards are designed to showcase!!!

As always, the categories are open to updates and suggestions, as are the guidelines. I will list off the categories from last year as a starting point, but the categories we end up voting on will depend on what kinds of content were strongly represented in 2013. This was a big year for books, for example, so I expect those categories to be hot!

Year-long awards for people and websites:

  • Best New Blog
  • Best Discussion Forum
  • Best Humor/Satire Site or Blog
  • Best faithful-perspective Mormon Blog
  • Best LDS-Interest Audio/Video Channel/Series
  • Best LDS-Interest Specialized Blog

Awards for Individual Works:

  • Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction)
  • Best LDS-Interest Book (Non-fiction)
  • Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image
  • Best Poem
  • Best Musical Work
  • Best Post Title
  • Funniest Humor Piece
  • Funniest Vignette or Anecdote
  • Most Poignant Personal Story
  • Best Exit Story
  • Best Moving On from Mormonism Story
  • Best Life Journey Post
  • Best News Reporting
  • Best LDS Church Watch
  • Best Response to Apologetics
  • Most Insightful Discussion of the Practices of the CoJCoL-dS
  • Most Insightful Discussion of Mormon Culture
  • Best Discussion of Mormon (or former-Mormon) Community
  • Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction
  • Best LDS-Related Political Commentary
  • Best Religion-and-Gender Discussion
  • Best Religion-and-Homosexuality Discussion
  • Best Religion-and-Kids/Parenting Discussion
  • Best Erotic or Sexual Piece
  • Best History Piece
  • Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion
  • Best Review
  • Best Recipe

As you know, the idea behind the Brodies is to highlight excellent work from all over the LDS-interest Internet, and introduce as many people as possible to great blogs they may not be aware of. Our guidelines have been working pretty well — hence have pretty much stabilized — but there’s still a possibility of change if you have a good suggestion.

Anyway, here they are:

  • Please nominate as many people, sites, and articles as you want. However, please do not nominate more than two individual works by any one author.
  • You are allowed (even encouraged!) to nominate your own works. No more than two, though.
  • Please nominate works that first appeared during 2013.
  • Please try to nominate people and works that have some connection with Mormonism or with Outer Blogness (eg. either the work touches on Mormonism, or the author is a current or former Mormon and/or is an active participant in our community).
  • A category must have at least three nominations in order to be included in the voting and awards phase.
  • You may suggest your own categories — however please do it as early as possible in the nominations process, to give others plenty of time to add nominations in your proposed categories.
  • Any other proposed changes to the categories or to the guidelines are welcome — feel free to discuss it in the comments.
  • The nominations will be open for two weeks (or two-and-a-half, depending on my procrastination schedule). I will reorganize the categories and add my own nominations a few days before creating the polls to allow you to get in last nominations in the final list of categories. (Note: this is the one change from last year — I think that finalizing the categories at the same time as opening the polls was a mistake.)

I can’t wait to review all of the best works from 2013!!!


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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35 Responses

  1. chanson says:

    Opening idea: There were several good scripture and or history series posted in 2013. We should probably add a category for them.

  2. Bart Pascoal says:

    Best LDS-Interest Audio/Video Channel/Series

    Brigham Young Speaks

    Bart Pascoal as Producer/Director
    Nolan Mecham as Actor

  3. chanson says:

    @2 Good choice!

    I also got one nomination in a PM on Facebook:

    here’s my self-nomination for either “Best Moving on from Mormonism Story” or “Best Exit Story” (whichever you think is the better fit): A Matter of Doubts: My Journey out of Mormonism

    I forgot my obligatory warning about the spam filter:

    Please include links, but if you include a lot of links in a single comment, it will go to spam. So either post a series of nomination comments, or post a comment (or email me) to tell me that your nominations fell into spam, and I will fish them out.

  4. Heather says:

    Best Musical Work: Brother Jake Presents: True Believing Mormon Dude

  5. I know stuff relating to the recent “official” apologetics slowly appearing within the labyrinth of is going to get a lot of attention, so my nominations are for things that occurred a bit earlier in the year.

    Best faithful-perspective Mormon Blog –

    Best LDS-Interest Audio/Video Channel/Series – Brother Jake Presents

    Most Poignant Personal Story – Hans Mattsson’s Public Doubts

    Best LDS Church Watch – MormonThink’s Continuing Coverage of the Swedish Rescue

    Best Response to Apologetics – Jeremy Runnell’s Letter to a CES Director (first draft) (Hard to believe this came out less than a year ago!)

    Best History Piece – Chris Johnson: How the Book of Mormon Destroyed Mormonism

  6. Oh, and my own series:

    Best Scripture Study Series – Scripture Mastery: New Testament by Tom Doggett (nocoolnametom)

  7. grindael says:

    Best LDS-Interest Audio/Video Channel/Series
    Brigham Young Speaks
    Bart Pascoal as Producer/Director
    Nolan Mecham as Actor

  8. grindael says:

    My History Nomination for the “Caractors” photo by Jacob Hicks that I discovered, could also be for a History Series… Since it is a Four Part Series on the BOM Characters…

  9. chanson says:

    Great nominations — keep ’em coming!! 😀

    also: please include a link wherever relevant, thanks!

  10. I’ve got three nominations for Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion. The first two are blog posts and the last one is a presentation found on YouTube.

    -A Christian Response to “Drops of Awesome.”

    -“Mormon Works vs. Evangelical Grace? Not So Fast” A Christian Response to Jana Riess

    -Impossible Gospel of Mormonism As Taught In General Conference

  11. Andrew S. says:

    Best Discussion Forum:

    R/exmormon []
    New Order Mormon []
    Mormon Hub []
    Mormon VIP Lounge []

  12. chanson says:

    Thanks for the continued nominations!!

    I would like to save here the links for my posts on the Exmo Reddit and Post-Mormon to keep track of any nominations people post there.

    Folks, if you participate in any other exmo discussion group where they haven’t heard about the Brodie nominations, it would be great if you could post a link to this post so that they can also participate! 😀

  13. Jessica Bradshaw says:

    Best Moving on From Mormonism Story:

    Nominating my own work: I’m (No Longer) a Mormon, by Regina Samuelson.

  14. Jake F. says:

    Funniest Humor Piece: Brother Jake: Mormons are not Racist

  15. 4blockhead says:

    Best New Blog: Secrets of Food Storage Mom

    Best Discussion Forum: r/rexmormon

    Best Musical Work: Matt Kresling, Church of Summer.

    Best LDS-Interest Audio/Video Channel/Series: Brigham Young Speaks from the Journal of Discourses

    Tie: Best Response to Apologetics: Chris Johnson, How the Book of Mormon is Destroying Mormonism, with Duane Johnson, William Johnson
    Tie: Best Response to Apologetics: A Letter to a CES director
    Honorable Mention: Best Response to Apologetics: Alone, by mormonchallenges

    Best Religion-and-Gender Discussion: Mormon Expositor, Episode 39

    Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image: Pat Bagley, far out doctrines

    Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction): Ryan McIlvain, Elders

    Best Life Journey Post: complete series

  16. 4blockhead says:

    Best Poem: City Creek Mall by amymae

    Funniest Vignette or Anecdote: Skeletons in the Closet by ThinkNazi

    Tie: Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion: The Thirteen Articles of Reason by djfroe01

    Tie: Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion: Hans Matson, et. al discuss troubling issues in mormonism with LDS historians also known as the “Swedish Rescue.”

    Most Poignant Personal Story: What happens when a 13 year old TBM girl finds out she can’t have kids? by rosestar2013.

    Best History Piece: “Who is Mark Hofmann” series. by Mormon Expositor Podcast

    Best LDS-Related Political Commentary: Celebration thread over US Supreme Court rulings in June. by Jithrop

    Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction: Another missionary chat session. by max_neal/4blockhead

  17. 4blockhead says:

    Best History Piece: A short summary of the Bear River Massacre> by Beehive Archive

    Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image: The four stages of emotion when learning that mormonism isn’t what it claims to be.” 1. apprehension 2. shock 3. sadness 4. decision/resolution. The last step is a red/blue pill moment that at least requires giving up many naive assumptions. by 4blockhead

  18. aerin says:

    My start:
    Best LDS-Interest Audio/Video Channel/Series
    So the FMH podcast and Mormon Expression count for these nominations? If so, I nominate both.
    – Mormon Expression and
    – FMH podcast
    Best Post Title
    – Holly’s post on MSP Because they couldn’t very well say sorry we insisted you waste all that time and money

    Most Poignant Personal Story
    – Runtu’s silver linings
    Best Moving On from Mormonism Story
    – Dad’s Primal Scream Helping the ex-mormon progress
    – Mithryn’s post about walking away from mormonism.
    -Irresistible Disgrace’s discussion of the language of leaving mormonism and marriage.

    Best LDS Church Watch
    – Dad’s Primal Scream about the change in missionary ages
    Best Recipe – everything by: Froggey– it is hard to pick just one. They all look amazing.
    – pumpkin crunch
    – cinnaspinwheel

  19. slvjm says:

    •Best Discussion Forum: Reddit
    •Best Response to Apologetics: BYU Professor defends the book of Abraham

  20. Donna Banta says:

    When I finally undertook this nomination process, I realized that I am way behind in reading blogs, and have resolved to do better this year. But here goes:

    Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction)–
    My own novel, False Prophet

    Dragons in the Book of Mormon by Johnny Townsend

    Latter-Gay Saints

    The Book of Thompson by David Larkin

    Dark Deception by Mr. Lawrence Pratt

    Best LDS-Interest Book (Non-Fiction)
    Exit Strategies by Micah McCallister

    –If I’ve left out any other 2013 MAA titles I hope someone will fill them in.

    Best New Blog:
    The Utah Honeypot
    Hey, Judy

    Best Humor/Satire Blog:
    The Utah Honeypot

    Funniest Humor Piece:
    Church Introduces Gay Deconversion Merit Badge (my own work)

    The Tolerance Trap, Is There Any Hope For Escape?

    Best Review:

    Best Moving On From Mormonism:

    I’ll probably have more. Thanks again for doing this, chanson!

  21. Donna Banta says:

    Okay, now for blogs:

    When I finally undertook this nomination process, I realized that I am way behind in reading blogs, and have resolved to do better this year. But here goes:

    Best New Blog:
    The Utah Honeypot
    Hey, Judy

    Best Humor/Satire Blog:
    The Utah Honeypot

    Funniest Humor Piece:
    Church Introduces Gay Deconversion Merit Badge (my own work)

    The Tolerance Trap, Is There Any Hope For Escape?

    Best Review:

    Best Moving On From Mormonism:

    I’ll probably have more later. 🙂

  22. chanson says:

    @25-27 I fished your comments out of the spam filter — don’t worry about the repetition. 😀

    If anyone else has a problem with nominations not appearing right away, signal me (either by posting a comment without any links or by emailing me chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com) and I’ll fish them out of spam.

  23. Donna Banta says:

    Thanks chanson! I just can’t say enough about those people I nominated. 🙂

  24. Donna Banta says:

    Okay, one more:

    I’m nor sure if it should go in Most Poignant Personal Story or Best Erotic/Sexual Piece.

  25. 4blockhead says:

    Another nomination for Best Response to Apologetics: curious_mormon’s “Hypocrisy Series”

  26. 4blockhead says:

    perhaps a new category: Angriest Commentary: Let’s classify the LDS church’s secrets… by 4blockhead. Yeah, I was especially pissed off that day.

  27. 4blockhead says:

    Best History Piece: John Hamer’s discussion of the succession crisis at FMH podcast.

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