Sunday in Outer Blogness: The women problem edition!

Michael Austin of BCC pointed out that the BYU system of universities is one of the worst offenders when it comes to gender disparity in the faculty (check out these graphs!). In related news, a story from a Utah High School went viral when cheerleaders were asked not to wear their uniforms to school (the uniforms assigned to them by the school) because some dude complained of “impure thoughts”.

This may be related to teaching unhealthy messages about sexuality:

The religious world is (and has always been) OBSESSED with the concept of virginity. Specifically female virginity (notice that most of the scriptures regarding “virtue” refer to women). So much so, that Jesus’s mother was a virgin upon giving birth to him (wait…what?). When you’re a young girl raised upon these messages, they don’t just become a part of your belief system. They are ingrained in you.

The CoJCoL-dS can’t seem to do anything right. From early-morning seminary to ridiculously inflexible callings to denouncing things that bring family and community pleasurable bonding moments together like missionary farewells and Pokémon Go.

Of course the Catholics have also ignited some controversy with the beatification of Mother Theresa.

There were some great interfaith interactions this past week like giving the mishies free food and fun conversation. And who knew there was a positive side to cleaning the toilets at the local chapel?

In other topics, we have Dad’s Primal Scream musing about relationships, a Mormon version of the classic “12-step program”, and shedding superstition.

Let’s close on a positive note with a letter of good advice for a new Mormon bishop. Plus Summer’s on the wane, which means it’s time for Autumn cooking, and some of the fun of being Mormon:

Part of this is my Mormon frugality. I grew up with an enormous garden in the backyard and adventures of picking plums off a wild tree in the empty lot to make jelly. The huge concord grape vine that acts as a privacy fence in the backyard also makes intensely flavored bottled juice that we enjoyed all winter. Our big raspberry and strawberry patches supplied tastes of sunshine that we could freeze or bottle and open back up when we started to forget the tastes of summer.

Hope you’re enjoying the season! And happy reading!


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