Sunday in Outer Blogness: Exposed Edition!

So, you may have heard that a bunch of internal documents from the CoJCoL-dS got leaked to the exmo reddit the other day (by a disgruntled former employee?). The consensus appears to be that they don’t contain anything too surprising, but perhaps it’s interesting to see how the church functions like any other corporation. And maybe something more interesting will turn up as people examine the documents.

Probably more shocking is the church’s blatant re-writing of quotes in order to pretend that Brigham Young didn’t teach that Adam is God. This was described in a blog post last year, and was recently reviewed in a really interesting podcast (long, but worth it!).

General Conference season is upon us, and Ordain Women has another action planned. Apparently the CoJCoL-dS has been using the metaphor of an umbrella to explain why it’s OK for only men to hold the priesthood (because one person can hold it while it protects everyone). Interestingly (ironically?) this metaphor does exactly the opposite — as anyone who has shared an umbrella knows, it doesn’t work nearly as well as individual umbrellas. So the event involves holding umbrellas while asking the church leadership to meet with Ordain Women. (It might not be too late to get an umbrella if you’re interested.)

Also note: the Exponent II is holding an essay contest.

Speaking of priesthood authority, the infants described some disturbing misuse.

In news of the fringes of Mormonism, some real estate developer is creating a Zion scam, Kody Brown is upgrading his harem, and it looks like now Denver Snuffer is claiming to be a prophet.

In discussions, we have Joseph Smith’s magic worldview and the equinox, Book-of-Mormon-Jesus misquoting Isaiah, some responses to a TED talk on the evils of porn, and is this “temple worship” image real???

In life journeys, a woman described coming out as a lesbian Mormon, the infants presented some accounts of LGBT suicides in the CoJCoL-dS, Andrew Hackman and his brother podcasted about their life journeys, an exmormon recounted the death of his wife, and the Gay Mormon Southpaw is having second thoughts about dating gay Mormons.

And let’s close with another seasonal item: Pumpkin Spice Rice Crispy Treats!

Happy reading — and if you happen upon anything interesting in the leaked documents, please tell me!


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