Last call for Brodies Nominations!!


Here are the final categories. Nominations remain open until Friday, January 22, 2016. Please keep in mind the following as you make your nominations:

  • Categories with fewer than three nominations will be dropped.
  • Please do not nominate any one author/artist more than twice.
  • I occasionally move nominees to categories where I think they fit better.
  • In particular, I try to avoid having the same nominee in multiple categories, and I avoid having multiple nominees by the same author/artist in the same category.
  • If your nomination doesn’t appear on the list at all, it is probably an error (so please leave a comment) — but note that I rejected a nomination of a piece that wasn’t from 2015.
  • Don’t forget to include links.
  • If you did something great in 2015 and weren’t nominated, don’t feel bad — nominate yourself! It’s likely that your audience just isn’t big enough (yet). Participating in the Brodies can help you grow your audience.

(Also, don’t forget to vote for X-Mormon of the Year 2015, if you haven’t already.)

Year-Long Awards for overall quality:

Best New Blog:

Best New Podcast:

Best Discussion Forum:

Best Humor Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast:

Best LDS-Interest Interview-and-discussion Podcast:

Best LDS Church Watch/Analysis Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast:

Best Scripture Study Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast:

Best Faithful-Perspective Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast:

Awards for Individual Works:

Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction):

Best LDS-Interest Book (Non-fiction):

Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image:

Best Mormon-Themed Meme:

Funniest Humor Piece:

Best Parody:

Best Allegory or Analogy:

Best Post Title:

Best Original Research Regarding Mormonism:

Best Mormon Scoop or Leak:

Best Personal Recording:

Best Church Watch:

Best Response to Apologetics:

Best History Piece:

Most Insightful Commentary on the CoJCoL-dS:

Best Mormonism-and-Orientation Post:

Best Mormonism-and-Race Discussion:

Best Mormonism-and-Gender Discussion:

Best Exit Story:

Best Faith Journey Piece:

Best Advice:

Most Poignant Personal Story:

Best Mormon Parenting Piece:

Best Real-Life Act or Activism:

Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction:

Best from-the-pulpit speech/sermon:

Most fantastic r/mormon AMA:

Best Poem:

  • Dear Dad, by Alice_McCann
  • This category needs more nominations in order to be included

Best Podcast Series or Episode:

  • I am dropping this category because there has been such a flowering of podcasts lately that the category has become too generic, like having a “best blog post” category. Nominations have been moved to more specific categories (except “Book of Mormon CC” — I could not identify what that is, please clarify)

Thanks for all the great nominations so far!! Please add your final nominations in the comments! 😀

(Also, if you are the author/artist of one of these nominations and you see an error or you would like your work removed or moved to a different category or something, please comment.)

28 thoughts on “Last call for Brodies Nominations!!

  1. I’m not sure if this goes in Best Comic or Image, or in Best Meme, but the Facebook conversation between various Mormon icons about the seer stone takes the cake:

    This series was already nominated for best historical piece, but I think it could also be nominated for best piece on Mormonism and Race: “Stewart Udall Sequence” at

    Funniest Humor Piece:

    Shameless personal plug for Best Title: “If You’re A Pharisee and You Know It Wash Your Hands”

    As a side note, any content attributed to Richard R. Lyman, can be attributed to Tanner Gilliland. I’ll let the other Zelphies decide if they want to do the same.

  2. Quick comment on your final category: best podcast series or episode. I think it may be referring to the episode of the naked mormonism podcast titled “CC – Book of Mormon”. It was a 7.5 hr deconstruction of the BoM. This is merely a guess at trying to clarify though, I’m not 100% sure.

  3. @1 Do you have a link?

    @2 It’s very true that the Stuart Udall sequence could also be in the “Mormonism and Race” category. The main problem is that Thinker of Thoughts already has a different entry in that category. TofT can feel free to comment about which of his posts he’d like to have in which category, but I really try to avoid having multiple posts by the same author in the same category because I don’t want someone to lose simply because their own pieces are competing against each other.

    The same is true, BTW, of the “Yankee Candle” nomination. I can add that one to the humor category if you like (competing against your blog’s “Holy Ghost Simulator App” post), or I could put it in another category, or I could replace the “Holy Ghost Simulator App” nomination with the “Yankee Candle” nomination. Just tell me which solution you prefer.

    Also, thanks for any clarification on how you’d like the various posts from your blog attributed. 😀

    @3 & @4 Do you have a link? Sounds like I can put that one in the “Scripture Study” category.

    @5 Thanks!

  4. p.s. As usual, I’m asking everyone to include links to their nominations, but the links can cause your comment to get caught in the spam filter. If your comment doesn’t appear right away, either post a followup comment (without links) alerting me to look for the missing comment, or just email me directly: chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com.

  5. @7 Bryce — Actually it looks like I don’t currently have a category for individual pieces on scriptures. So we have a few options:

    1. You can look at the categories for individual works, and see if there’s a different episode from your podcast to nominate in one of the existing categories, or
    2. I can add a category for “Best Scripture Study/Analysis Piece” — and then I (and others) can go through the other scripture-study blogs/podcasts and pick each one’s best post/episode, to fill out the category, or
    3. Both of the above if you haven’t already nominated yourself twice.

  6. @10 I haven’t nominated myself at all yet, so I suppose option 3 would be best in my opinion. It looks like the episode could fit under the “Best Scripture Study Blog/Site/Channel/Podcast:” category, however, the entire podcast isn’t about scripture study, it’s just that one episode. I would like to nominate the CC-BoM episode for that category, or for the category proposed in option 2 of your last comment. Other than that, I would like to nominate “Episode 20 – Joe the Ignoramus, and the Book of Pukei” for best post title. Found on that same link I suppose those are my two official shameless self-nominations.

  7. Best /r/mormon AMA: Lindsay Hansen Park

    Best Response to Apologetics: A Beginner’s guide to choosing witnesses by AmoraTambora

    I can’t find a recording of Russell Baker-Gorringe’s remarks at the Interfaith sermon. Perhaps, you had to be there. 🙂 Shout out: does anyone know someone who can contact him or find out if the service was recorded?

    I always love Bagley’s cartoons, but if I had to choose one of the two, then in light of the magnitude of the LDS church’s defacto declaration of war against LGBT families in 2015, I would choose this one.

  8. @11 OK, sounds good. I’ll add your nomination for “Best Post Title”, and I’ll throw in a new “individual works” category for scripture study/analysis.

    Anyone reading this who would like to help fill this category with your favorite post from one of the scripture study sites above, that would be great! 😀

    Bryce, you’re friends with David from “My Book of Mormon”, aren’t you? Maybe you could help identify his best episode of 2015 for nomination in this category.

  9. @14 & @15 Thanks!

    But could you pick one or the other? As I said, I really prefer not to have two pieces by the same author/artist competing against each other in the same category. It splits that person’s fans’ votes, decreasing their chances of winning.

    I’m sure that one or more of the scripture-study blogs had a post worth nominating in 2015, plus there may well be other blogs and podcasts that aren’t necessarily focused on scripture study, but had one article, episode, or series that deserves to be nominated (like Naked Mormonism’s “CC-BoM” series).

  10. I came over here to nominate a couple of my favorites – Johnny Townsend and Against the Greater Light, only to find them already nominated. I also discovered that I’m woefully behind on my reading/listening/viewing. What an exciting year with so much new talent! I’m looking forward to checking out the many sites I haven’t visited yet and then voting. Oh, and thank you, chanson, for nominating a couple of my posts. 🙂

    Thanks, as always, for doing this!

  11. Thanks everyone for all the great nominations — you have a little time left to get a last few in!

    @19 No problem. Actually, if you want to nominate a post from “Against the Greater Light” for the new scripture study category, that would be cool. I would do it myself, but I’ve already nominate the author twice.

  12. @24 That’s a good choice, but we already have one nomination for the Infants in that category. As explained above, one entry per artist per category. 😉

  13. @23 correction — I’m sorry, I have to reject one of the two because you already have other posts nominated in the relevant categories. 😉

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