18 thoughts on “Vote for us in the Niblets!!

  1. And “ASSOCIATION” is too small …

    And the graphic blurs when resized in WordPress, so I’ll need to send several sizes for the MAA board to keep on file …

    And, yeah, “Gone for Good” needs to go, but I don’t get “Wickedness Was Happiness” … We’re alumni, not the dearly departed. 😉

    And by the way, it’s a travesty that Jack and Chanson have been lumped into the “interfaith dialogue” category over there … I guess the folks at MM figure it’s OK as long as both believers and atheists come away equally slighted. Blech.

  2. there was a conversation…. a year ago? When Ben C wrote a little rhyme or tag about leaving the church that was revised and massaged by people here…. It ended up being pretty damn clever, and might work as a good tag. I think it was here, though it might have been “Letters from a Broad”…. I can’t remember the details well enough to search for it, but does anyone else have an idea of what I’m not quite remembering, or where it would be found?

    And although I realize I am indulging in shameless self-promotion, I want to point out that I was the one to coin the phrase “Mormon Alumni Association.” You can find the blogosphere’s first post on the topic, and my reasons for inventing the phrase, here:


    I just want to be properly credited in the eventual wikipedia entry on the MAA. 🙂

  3. I actually kind of like the double meaning of “gone for good.” But it’s possible we could think of something better.

    Holly — I vaguely remember what you’re talking about, and I remember it was quite clever. I’ll try to track it down.

    And thanks for contributing the MAA name! I think it goes well with the awards. 😀

  4. I voted for you, of course. Unfortunately, I also read that “most disturbing” article by OSC, and now I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep for a month. That guy is losing it.

  5. I like the “Gone for Good” tag. It’s short, sweet and accurate. And the rest of the logo is fine by me, as well.

    Just easy to please this morning, I suppose. 🙂


  6. Thanks Andrew!! It’s so true that that Ms. Jack is hard to beat. I have to agree with Chino @2 that it would have been nice if they’d given us atheists a separate category, like we’re in a different weight class or something. 😉

    Elaine — cool. 8)

  7. chanson @5: yes, that’s the conversation I was thinking of–I was remembering (or not quite remembering) Mr. Fob’s great statement, “We’re here, god’s not.” You’re right it won’t work for the entire MAA, but it could serve for the Atheist Division.

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