Collecting Nominations for the 2014 Brodie Awards!!!

Nominations for William Law X-Mormon of the Year 2014 are going well — and now it’s time for the biggest event of Main Street Plaza‘s yearly calendar!! It’s time to recognize the best LDS-interest content published and posted to the Internet in the past year!!

As usual, the precise list of award categories will depend on your suggestions and on the types of content that were especially strong in 2014. To give you ideas, I’ll list off last year’s categories. Feel free to browse through the winner buttons in the sidebar for further ideas of categories that might potentially yield awards this year.

Year-long awards for people and websites:

  • Best New Blog
  • Best Discussion Forum
  • Best Humor/Satire Site or Blog
  • Best faithful-perspective Mormon Blog
  • Best LDS-Interest Audio/Video Channel/Series

Awards for Individual Works:

  • Best LDS-Interest Book (Novel)
  • Best LDS-Interest Book (Short Fiction Collection)
  • Best LDS-Interest Book (Memoir)
  • Best LDS-Interest Book (General Non-fiction)
  • Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image
  • Best Mormon-Themed Meme
  • Best Poem
  • Best Musical Work
  • Best Post Title
  • Funniest Humor Piece
  • Most Poignant Personal Story
  • Best LDS Journey Story
  • Best Moving on from Mormonism Discussion
  • Best Original Research Regarding Mormonism
  • Best History Piece
  • Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion
  • Best Scripture Study Series
  • Best LDS Church Watch
  • Best LDS-Related Political Commentary
  • Best Response to Apologetics
  • Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction
  • Best Religion-and-Race Discussion
  • Best Religion-and-Gender Discussion
  • Best Religion-and-Homosexuality Discussion
  • Best Erotic or Sexual Piece
  • Best Review
  • Best Recipe

And here are the nomination guidelines:

  • Please nominate as many people, sites, and articles as you want. However, please do not nominate more than two individual works by any one author.
  • You are encouraged to nominate your own works. No one knows better than you do which pieces were your best. No more than two, though.
  • Please nominate works that first appeared during 2014.
  • Please try to nominate people and works that have some connection with Mormonism or with Outer Blogness (eg. either the work touches on Mormonism, or the author is a current or former Mormon and/or is an active participant in our community).
  • A category must have at least three nominations in order to be included in the voting and awards phase.
  • You may suggest your own categories — however please do it as early as possible in the nominations process, to give others plenty of time to add nominations in your proposed categories.
  • Any other proposed changes to the categories or to the guidelines are welcome — feel free to discuss it in the comments.
  • The nominations will be open for two weeks (or two-and-a-half, depending on my procrastination schedule). I will reorganize the categories and add my own nominations a few days before creating the polls to allow you to get in last nominations in the final list of categories.

I can’t wait to review all of the best works from 2014!!!


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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69 Responses

  1. 4blockhead says:

    Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image: Pat Bagley: Joseph Smith’s family portrait.

  2. 4blockhead says:

    Best Response to Apologetics (or Best Short History Thread): A few stops on a virtual tour of Nauvoo by 4blockhead

  3. Joel says:

    I’ve really enjoyed Nearing Kolob’s ongoing blog series drawing from missionary blogs around the world. It’s a fantastic way to identify new missionary initiatives, crazy GA stories, and the general wackiness of missionary work and culture. Not sure what category to put it in, though. Maybe Best LDS Church Watch?

  4. 4blockhead says:

    Best LDS-Interest Image: Kate Kelly online discussing her excommunication in absentia by Trent Nelson of the Salt Lake Tribune.

  5. Jeff Laver says:

    Best novel: “Free Electricity” by Ryan Rhodes.

  6. chanson says:

    @53 I was planning to nominate Nearing Kolob for “best new blog”, but it’s true that the missionary series should be nominated in a “individual works” category.

    Maybe we should have a “Best Special Topic Series” category…? We’ll see how many more fit into that, otherwise maybe church watch, as you suggest.

  7. gay saint says:

    Best Mormon erotica: newcomer Mormongirlz and old standby Mormonboyz. In particular:

    Sister Davis & Sister Price Get An Elder Off


    Elder Riley & Bishop Angus: Ordination in the Temple

  8. Christopher Cunningham says:

    help run [LDS (dot) net], and believe it would make a terrific nomination for best new blog of 2014. The site has long had a forum, but launched a blog portion for the first time in April 2014. I believe the blog could also be a worthy contender for best faithful-perspective Mormon blog.

    Here are some of the articles we published this year worth considering:

    Best Post Titles: Praise to the Man with 40 wives and teenage brides

    Funniest Humor Piece: 9 Mormons Who Make a Better Batman then Ben, MormonProbs at Hogwarts: If Harry Potter Were a Mormon
    Most Poignant Personal Story: What my terrible trip to the museum taught me about patience, long suffering, and eternal marriage.
    To Consider as an Additional Category: Best Feature story: Women of Faith: How the story was created and produced


  9. aerin says:

    Audio visual series:
    Mormon Expression the Great Weird Off Mormon Expression – Mormons vs. Jehovah’s Witnesses

    The Narrating Ordain Women series on the FMH podcast

    Perfectionism and false realities in the perfect mormon family FMH podcast

    The Placebo Effect series on Infants on thrones.

  10. Lori Burkman says:

    Best Moving on from Mormonism Discussion: When the Levee Breaks by Lori Burkman

    Best Religion-and-Gender Discussion: Why aren’t the women included in this? By Lori Burkman

  11. 4blockhead says:

    Best LDS-Related Political Commentary/Op-Ed Kristy Money in the Salt Lake Tribune (Nov 2, 2014)

  12. 4blockhead says:

    Best Original Research Regarding Mormonism: A comparison between the Book of Mormon and the Late War… by Chris Johnson and Duane Johnson

  13. aerin says:

    Book Review: chanson’s review of Johnny Townsend’s A Day at the Temple
    JSeth Anderson’s review of The Lavender Scare

    LDS Church watch: Post Mormon Girl’s mormon control Thoughts on Kate Kelly’s excommunication
    LDS Church watch: Donna’sThe mormon church month from hell
    Discussion of the LDS church and feminism chanson’s What doesn’t kill you makes you What?

    Post title: Magnify your boobs
    Post title Holly’s code name bull$hit

    Theological discussion Modal, model, mormonism by Andrew
    Mormonism and Race: Mormonism and Race in 2014 by Andrew
    Humor: Natalie’s discussion of meditationbaby elephants
    Humor: Donna’s Dealing with Visiting Teaching dodgers

  14. geoffsn says:

    Best Response to Apologetics: LDS Marriage 2112

    Best faithful-perspective Mormon Blog: RationalFaiths

  15. Best Humor video or general humor.

    Hitler finds out about Joseph Smith’s 40 wives.

  16. Best Humor/Satire Site or Blog (Podcast)

  17. chanson says:

    @67 I am really sorry. I’d love to add that one, but it’s too late. People have already started voting, so I can’t update the polls. You missed it by about an hour. 🙁

    Note to all: Nominations are closed. vote here

  1. January 19, 2015

    […] year, someone finds out too late.  Don’t let that happen this year!  Don’t forget that Main Street Plaza is hosting their Brodie Awards too.  Please check out the links so you can be an informed […]

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