Sunday in Outer Blogness: Secret and Sacred Edition!

Sunday in Outer Blogness

Let’s start this week’s theme off right with a story in which an attractive woman sticks her finger up Kuri’s butt.

In other secret/sacred body news, an obsessive focus on which body parts women cover or show is not a good way avoid reducing women to objects. And it’s getting out of hand. Nate Oman would like to see women have the priesthood, but wonders how it would be possible to do it and still maintain eternal gender roles.

And what’s like your body? Oh, yeah — a temple! I hear there was an interesting dedication recently. (Yeah, that’s where you get married if you don’t want people gossiping about you.) Also, there’s a rumor of a new revelation to be announced, and some speculation as to what it might be!! Well, whatever it is, it probably won’t be “official doctrine”.

What’s the secret of a long-term relationship? Mrrgan responds to some poor ones. And Dad’s Primal Scream has the key to some other relationship secrets

In Romney-land, there’s some Mormon-on-Mormon action, after Romney’s latest gaffe. Not to mention the tax data too sacred to release. (Should I even mention the voter fraud issue?) Is business sacred or not? Well, maybe fasting will help.

The latest news out of church headquarters is that David Tweede (the Mormon Think guy) is too hot to touch!

Even if Mormonism isn’t always a perfect fit, there’s something romantic about it. Some home-team pride. Things you miss when you go. Well, sort of. For those who still connect with a Mormon identity, Post-Mormon Girl asks who owns the term “Mormon”, and Kent Larsen asks if literature should have to be faith-centered to be called Mormon.

Autumn is upon us, and it’s time for some seasonal foods! Also time for helping others, and maybe a little theology.

And here in Switzerland, it’s time for bed. We just had a lovely birthday party for my son — he just turned 11, finally old enough to go to Hogwarts!! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday as well.

4 thoughts on “Sunday in Outer Blogness: Secret and Sacred Edition!

  1. Great SiOB, as usual. Thanks for mentioning my post on the term Mormon – in retrospect I should have included cultural Mormons as well, although the post was written in reaction to a TBM’s comment concerning polygamists. But maybe that can be a future topic. 🙂

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