counter fast against Romney

Mitt Romney
Now this would be a fun face to see during the debates.

Apparently there is an unofficial movement in the LDS Church to fast for Mitt Romney on September 30th so he’ll do well in the debates against Obama. While I’m inclined to think that Mitt actually coming up with some solid positions may help him more, I think it would be fun for MSP to sponsor a counter fast so Mitt will do poorly in the debates against Obama, you know, just to cancel out some of that “spiritual” mojo that may be flowing his way. Of course, since it is a “counter fast” and not an actual “fast”, I think that actually means you are to be gluttonous on September 30th, all the while being deeply engaged in non-prayer in order to send negative energy toward Mitt Romney. Or, of course, if you’re a devout Mormon who opposes Romney (for reasons like he’s a bad Mormon who hates poor people), you could genuinely fast. I think we need an official name for our counter fast, though. Something like: “Fast to Flub Mitt”. Suggestions?

Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, LDS Inc. backed down in the effort to excommunicate David Twede over Lest any question remains about who is running LDS Inc. these days, the answer is, of course, the PR Department.

8 thoughts on “counter fast against Romney

  1. “Feast for Obama” works for me. Of course, I don’t eat much to watch my weight, so it will have to be a salad feast, but it will be the best “feast” I can manage.

  2. Well, a Feast tends to be in celebration of something, which isn’t quite what you’re going for, unless you are celebrating Obama’s victory early, which the past would tell you is a big mistake. Fasting and Prayer tend to go hand in hand, and is usually meant as a way to emphisize your concerns, desires, and hopefully gratitude sincerely. I’m fairly certain, however, that God doesn’t like requests that are tainted with hatred and selfishness though, so I doubt that He even hears their prayers.

    Of course, if you are trying to mock their fasting efforts, instead of counter their efforts, I suppose it doesn’t matter if you feast, or fast, or sacrifice a chicken to a can of coke.

  3. My personal prayer is that this cup shall pass the Romneys. May they spend a lot of time with their grandkids.

    (It would be nice if one of them could grow to finally serve in our nation’s fine armed forces.)

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