Sunday in Outer Blogness: Living in a Society Edition!

I love this video — it’s great to see that sometimes random strangers will stick up for someone who is being mistreated. Sadly, some states are still voting to keep legal protections away from some families. And, sadly, some LGBs want to jettison the T from LGBT, and let the Ts fend for themselves — and other LGs are debating who’s allowed in the B category… Jon Adams argues that concerns about the size of the LGBT community and whether homosexuality is a choice are (or should be) irrelevant to the question of gay rights. Fortunately, sometimes a a friendly letter is all it takes to clue someone in on how to behave in society. (A possibly related question: who’s the better friend?) And, happily, there are some battles we’ve already won.

In Mormon society, there’s some debate about the church corporation snuffing out the sacred and spiritual — with a helpful object lesson! Other people just can’t relate to Mormons. Devyn wonders why so many Mormons are anti-vaxxers (perhaps related to this?). Is knowledge good or bad? What about laughter? They’re even questioning eternal gender roles! (Note: the atheists have their own gender problems.) Diane is doing her part by re-writing the hymn book.

And how’s the rest of society doing? Well, if you want depressing, Helen reviews a book about how destructive gender roles are alive and well in parenting practice, some feel society has no responsibility towards other people’s kids, and Chandelle claims civilization is not and can never be sustainable. Would rapture have helped? If you’d like to help other people’s kids, now is a perfect time — perhaps you’ve heard about this wacky little competition.

Several people this week blogged about he moral bankruptcy of claiming to be blessed — and, believing that God blesses people materially has its disadvantages.

And let’s close with personal journeys. Simply Sarah received her confirmation of name removal, Maureen is resigning to say no to H8, Kiley finally got the haircut she wanted — the one she used to be afraid would make her look like a lesbian, Leah’s story was featured in NPR, a lesbian sister shares her story on fMh, and Mormon411 shares another exmo’s story.

Have a great Sunday and a great week!


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2 Responses

  1. Macha says:

    *sigh* minorities turning on other minorities. Victimizing and ostracizing others doesn’t help you escape victimhood yourself. If youdon’t want others telling you what’s what about your sexuality or identity, what makes someone think it’s okay for them to turn around and do it to some other group? A lot of straight people are doing their best to define what it means to be gay or lesbian, and they’ve been getting it wrong for a very long time. If you’re not bi or trans, you don’t have the right to make any kind of strict definitions on their identity.

  2. chanson says:

    As far as Lady Gaga is concerned, I can understand if LGBTQ folks don’t want her to set herself up as their leader or spokesperson (if they feel she’s more concerned about her fame and fortune than about the interests of the LGBTQ community). I’m less sympathetic to people choosing for her how she can and can’t self-identify, or saying that she shouldn’t advocate for queer rights because she’s not queer enough.

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