Sunday in Outer Blogness: Christmas Edition!

Wow, just when you thought the CoJCoL-dS didn’t have a shred of integrity left to sell, they’re sending the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to perform for Trump’s inauguration. The same Trump that hasn’t even taken office yet in is already putting us all in an incomprehensible level of danger from both war and accelerating climate change. If you’d like to tell the church what a mistake they’re making, you can sign the petition here.

The one ray of hope I see in the current US situation is how many people are organizing to resist and how openly. If you’re thinking of joining the resistance, one good suggestion is to form a small group with local friends — that will make it easier to cut through fake news and coordinate on what actions to take. And consider participating in the march.

Now for an update on the awards!! It looks like the nominations for X-Mormon of the Year are wrapping up. If you have any last nominations, please add them here. My plan is to open the Brodie Awards nominations on Tuesday and to start the voting for X-Mormon of the Year on Thursday.

And it’s Christmas! There have been tales of merriment and even tragedy is a part of the magic.

The Infants did an entertaining reading of the CoJCoL-dS’s “Light the World” advent program; in church history, we have a tale of moral choices; in other church discussions, we have 10 things the church could cut down on; and in books, we haveanother review of “The Garden of Enid”.

Happy Holidays to all, and let’s hope 2017 will be better!!


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