Sunday in Outer Blogness: Here We Go Again Edition!

Are you like me? Can’t stop rubbernecking that train wreck known as the Republican primary? The Mormons rooting for Romney are a little miffed that Romney’s lead isn’t more solid. (He has his disadvantages, but he stands out from the pack for not being certifiably insane — just stop asking about Mormonism!) It seems the new Christian sweetheart is Rick Santorum. Yes, that Santorum. While careful Santorum watchers actually caught him saying something reasonable, his main contributions seem to center around an unhealthy obsession with other peoples’ bedrooms, spiced with a dash of general stupidity. Like the Drudge Report, I won’t ignore Ron Paul, but he has some serious drawbacks as well. (As does Obama…)

Note that Romney is apparently related to Parley P. Pratt and to Jon Huntsman, bolstering the claim that the term ethnic Mormon makes sense (and don’t forget we’re related to these guys). At least there’s a cool one running for office!

There were some great discussion topics this past week! Joanna Brooks asked her Twitter audience how to sell the value of “a religious / faith / spiritual life” to 23 year olds, but failed to connect with her target audience:

I cant even get on board with the premises implied in these statements.

Stevebloor takes a stab at the oldest question in Mormonism: If you can leave the church, why can’t you leave it alone?!!? Take Sulli — she’s not merely attending again, but is giving “correlation” a thumbs-up! Others are less thrilled by the correlated milk (Not to mention the Church Educational System itself). Fortunately, President Paternoster is redirecting apostates to faith-promoting correlated materials.

There was a whole sub-theme on the connection between religion and morality (leading people to ask if holy cloth is OK as a security blanket). Thomas Riskas wrote a book on Deconstructing Mormonism — listen to his deconstruction on the radio here. And check out this study on LGBT Mormons!

The skeptical community seems to be working through a bit of a sexism problem. Here’s hoping it gets cleared up. Maybe the Pink & Blue project will help. (Tangential: captured at my last post-mo gathering girls play with Legos.) Also, a singer’s nonsensical line pushed Daniel over the edge.

Now for personal stories, one lost a house, another a heart. So let’s talk about undies, treats, personal youtube videos, and road rage poetry instead!!

Sorry I didn’t get around to my Brodies’ nominations post this past week as promised — like many of you, I’m still recovering from my relaxing Christmas vacation! 😉 But the Brodies and the X-Mormon of the year really are coming up — just bear with us. 🙂


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8 Responses

  1. Goldarn says:

    Eh, poor Romney. As far as I can tell:

    (a) It’s perfectly okay to vote FOR Romney because he is a believing Mormon.
    (b) You’re a bigot if you vote AGAINST Romney because he is a believing Mormon.


    (a) Who wouldn’t want a Mormon to be president? Mormonism is such a good, wholesome, family-oriented religion that believes in frugality and honesty and all that.
    (b) HOW DARE YOU claim that Romney would be, in any way, shape, or form, influenced by his religion?

    It’s still the best reality show on TV this year. 🙂

  2. kuri says:


    (a) When 90+ percent of Mormons voters support Romney, it’s solely because they think he’s the best candidate for the job.
    (b) When 90+ percent of African-American voters support Obama, it’s solely because of race.

  3. Andrew S. says:

    +1 to what kuri said…

  4. chanson says:

    One of the Reddit commenters explained it well:

    Your relatives need to be reminded that Romney has made his campaign a religous issue, while crying foul if anyone ever casts aspersions on his particular religion.

    Romney is on the record that he could not appoint a Muslim to a cabinet post. Romney gave a speech in which he said that freedom requires religion.

    After taking those positions, how can Romney expect that people won’t bring up religion?

  5. Goldarn says:

    I can see the presidential debates now:
    Obama: “My opponent believes such-and-such.”
    Romney: “No, I don’t.”
    Obama: “Oh, I apologize. I assumed you were a faithful member of your church.”
    Not that that would ever happen, but it brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

  6. Alan says:

    I assumed you were a faithful member of your church

    I was under the impression the word “faithful” for Mormons refers to deeds and not beliefs. For example, I could support gay marriage and still be a faithful Mormon, just as long as I don’t get one myself.

  7. chanson says:

    I just have to highlight this BCC post that has been eating up my free time this morning (too interesting)!

    tl;dr: Sure the CES is doing a highly questionable job, but it’s those awful exmo exit stories that complain about it the most, and they’re a bunch of jerks! We need to root for our team! Go CES!

  1. January 15, 2012

    […] may not like being in the same boat with Muslims, but the racism in the Book of Mormon is a belief that Romney may have to answer for (see here for a counterpoint). At least some Mormons are willing […]

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