Sunday in Outer Blogness: Truth and Consequences Edition!

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The big news this week is John Remy‘s excommunication for apostasy!! And he’s not the only one who’s feeling the heat this week for disbelieving and/or criticizing the LDS church. The crap has hit the fan and set off a whirlwind of drama, accusations, and letters of condemnation from Hypatia’s mother. Daniel is also responding to a loved one who can’t accept his non-acceptance of God. The documentary “In the Shadow of the Temple” got banned in Hillsboro. And, in also-ran, M’s bishop mistook his apostasy for homosexuality.

But the apostate who really stole the show this week is this guy:

In other speeches that some people don’t want to hear, the reports are coming in about President Obama’s speech. Michelle — who was there in person! — was left speechless! And the Urban Coda has a rather shocking story about his son’s experience with the presidential speech controversy. Trey found the speech to be socially conservative (if you actually listen to it…). Anachronologist is trying to figure out why some people opposed the speech. (((Billy))) concludes that the GOP has jumped the shark.

In community notes, Stay at Aum Mom has taken her kids swimming under an amazing freeway pass, Emily has been inspired to follow in the footsteps of her gourmet-chef father, Rebecca just realized how weird it looks when you stick your tongue out, Shock has been ordained a “Dudeist” priest, Sean is in the clutches of the Mormons, and Sabayon is experiencing surreal moments of Lesbioscity.

And right here on Main Street Plaza, we’ve had an amazing week! Let’s keep it up! 😀

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