Sunday in Outer Blogness: Happy Halloween Edition!

I assume most folks here see nothing wrong with the Mormon Missionary costume, yet would agree with Adrienne that “Pocha-hottie” and company are offensive costume ideas (H/T). Feel free to discuss the difference in this week’s comments.

Speaking of Halloween and racism, well… let’s start with racism. As much as Mormons would like to believe the church’s racism is a thing of the past, there’s the annoying problem that it’s enshrined in the Mormon scriptures (though it’s not necessarily the best part). Maybe God loves some more than others?

Regarding Halloween, it’s naturally one of Mormons’ most beloved holidays. Because Mormons love crafts. The Halloween party may be one funnest things a Mormon ward does all year, despite the Trunk-or-Treat idea that has swept across all of Mormondom, and despite a handful of nay-sayers who think Mormons shouldn’t celebrate Halloween. And, while there’s nothing wrong with dressing up as a sexy witch or sexy crayon or sexy scrabble-game, etc., some would like to see a wider range of costume options for women. It’s perhaps related related to a general problem of gender roles — the standard roles aren’t all bad (though some are perhaps questionable), but there should be a range of options.

Now for personal stories. Ain’t No Mo No Mo officially resigned from the church. Alex experienced some family fallout when he disobeyed his mom about coming out (he’s 28, BTW). Sulli invited the mishies in for a rest. On her two-year blogiversary, Leah is thinking of changing her blog’s name. The Urban Koda is learning to drink properly. Daniel is contemplating which religion is the least unpleasant. And Runtu’s story of his mission in Bolivia is gathering momentum with some rave reviews — I’m currently about halfway through it myself, and it’s fascinating!

In politics, the people of occupy movement (a.k.a. the 99%) are making waves and sparking all sorts of interesting discussions!

Back to questions about Mormonism! How many members are there, anyway? If you ever felt it was hard to keep track of all the rules, here they are, compiled into one convenient list. Just how much like a corporation is the CoJCoL-dS? (Would a corporation come up with such interesting beliefs and amusing culture?)

Sorry this week’s round-up is a little late. It’s mostly because Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous fall day, so we walked up into the hills for a forest hike with the kids. Then by the time we’d finished all the homework and chores, etc., it was time for bed. And we still haven’t figured out any costumes for the kids yet. Oh, well. Happy Halloween!!


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2 Responses

  1. Chino Blanco says:

    Another Halloween and another missed opportunity to launch our own line of polyg-hottie costumes. These gals blazed the trail but it should’ve been up to us to raise the hemlines and cash in. Sigh.

  2. chanson says:

    Well, now we have all our good ideas ready for next year. 😉

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