Sunday in Outer Blogness: No More Avoidance Edition!

You may recall that I’d been avoiding US politics and economics in this space (because of the depressing factor). Well, this past week the whole Internet conspired to pull me out of de Nile!

So how about that economy? (Not to mention health care.) And how about those GOP presidential hopefuls? Since Michelle Bachman believes she must submit to her husband, this, naturally leads to some scrutiny of her husband. Mitt Romney took some flack for saying corporations are people, but fortunately, he has that amusing Mormon question to distract people. Honorable mentions go to Rick Santorum and Fred Karger.

Then, where would Mormon blogspace be without talking about sex? Specifically modesty, porn addiction, Christian relationship advice, sinful lifestyles, flirting with mishies, erotic stories, etc.? And don’t miss the follow-up about gender roles and women’s equality!

Now for everybody’s favorite topic: self-referential blogging-about-blogging! Joanna Brooks wrote a Washington Post article tackling five myths about Mormonism. I then analyzed her analysis, as did Times & Seasons, which led to further discussion about the CoJCoL-dS’s claims regarding international conversion rates and having 14.1 million members. Another myth that got busted in the fray was the CoJCoL-dS’s claim that fundamentalist Mormons aren’t Mormons. (Note that while the fundamentalist/polygamists deserve their identity and civil rights, that doesn’t mean we think they’re virtuous.) Then there were some philosophical posts that may-or-may-not be related. And, for fun, people analyzed some other Mormon claims that didn’t even make it to Joanna’s top five! (There was a special bonus theme about whether Mormons and other Christians need to believe in a literal Adam and Eve.)

And now, personal stories! Leia is celebrating 2 years as an atheist (with her own FFRF billboard)! OTOH, Monica is wishing she believed in God. Brent shared the stages of his Mormon journey, and Nick recounted his deconversion in a video. (Speaking of media, did you know you can resign from the CoJCoL-dS via email?) Just Zena attended a play about the Martin and Willie handcart company. Andrew H. helped a child to find joy in reading. Dale had an awkward moment with his Christian family, and sirandarios is dealing with passive-aggressive facebook status updates from Mormon family. Dad’s Primal Scream is wondering about sending his kid on a mission. Chris is surprised by the Starbucks culture in Happy Valley. Sulli is getting to know her new community, Invictus Pilgrim is grateful for all his new friends, and Macha is wondering why the ex-Catholics don’t have a cool community like this one! 😀

I’m glad to have this great community too — thanks for participating!! And now I’m off for some Sunday activities with my family. Happy Sunday!


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link, I think. 😉

  2. chanson says:

    No problem — I hope I have not miscategorized your post! 😀

  3. Donna Banta says:

    Thanks again for linking us to another great week in outer blogness. Hope you had a great day with the family!

  4. chanson says:

    Thanks Donna!

    We had a great day! Shortly after posting, I took my younger son out for one more try at learning to ride a bike, and this time he succeeded! It was so cool to see him riding by himself. We also played Uno.

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