Sunday in Outer Blogness: Media Edition!

Sunday in Outer Blogness

This week we’ve seen a bit of the overlap between Outer Blogness and the rest of the media! First off, it turns out that Emily Pearson was involved in the production of 8: The Mormon Proposition (and she recommends this article about it). Also in the media spotlight (or rather microphone), The Girl Who participated in an NPR segment about objectivity in Utah media, especially regarding the Oaks fiasco.

But that’s not all! In books, The SLC Freethinking Examiner has interviewed Zoe Murdock. John Remy has organized an 18 hour comic (with a bunch of cool folks participating!) and is planning for NaNoWriMo! In slightly more famous books, a number of folks have been addressing the challenging parts of the Bible, and Wm Jas is reading the Qur’an! The Evolutionary Middleman has posted an interesting video about the special creationist edition of On the Origin of Species.

In music, Kerfuffler has a written a charming family history story about the first piece of sheet music to sell over a million copies. In letters, Daniel Midgley replies to a bizarre chain email he received from a family member, and Sterkwerks replies to a survey she received from the Republican Party.

And now let’s close by shifting gears onto faith journeys. Third-Wave Mormon Madame Curie contemplates how familiar faith rituals can be comforting, Mr. Midgley describes what deconversion is like, and Kullervo is becoming a Druid!

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