Easter Sunday in Outer Blogness!

I’ve never quite committed to memory the algorithm for figuring out the date of Easter each year (other than “look on my calendar”). Anyway, it appears to be Easter here in Switzerland today, and probably elsewhere. Also, many people celebrated Earth Day as well.

In the holiday spirit, it has been a great week for theology and doctrine! Andrew describes the kind of God he could believe in, and Daniel explains that it’s not Jesus. Which does God like better? Genocide or sacrifice? Faithful Mormons know how to gain a testimony and how to lose one, too! Runtu describes how one apologetic argument bites the dust, and Leah leads us to a journey to explain space Jesus.

Girls and the CoJCoL-dSwill they ever get along? Melyngoch wrote a great response to the old chestnut that feminists are trying to make men and women the same, and Winterbuzz posted a poignant and personal tale to shed light on the abortion question.

Everybody loves The Book of Mormon (the musical)! Except Michael Otterson. Even the faithful are unimpressed by Otterson’s complaints. In movies, Kuri gathered some more highly amusing posts on the subject, and MoHoHawaii reviewed a film that sounds quite interesting (and since he again brings up the Mormon/Jewish connection, allow me to quickly show you my cousin’s stand-up performance).

Economics was (were?) a popular topic this week (especially as mixed with politics), including an interesting piece where Stephen Marsh tried to start a discussion of economic principles without falling into the pit of ideological cliches — check out the comments to see how long that lasted. (This piece may help explain why merely seeing the word “Economics” seems to trigger not-necessarily-relevant tirades on the evils of Socialism.) Charity, anyone? In the political show, Joanna Brooks describes how Donald Trump is running on “birther” nonsense, and concludes “All of which confirms Mitt Romney as the sanest and most decent individual in the Big Mo-Publican Primary 2012.” Wow, if not being a birther is all it takes to be the “sanest and most decent” of this bunch, that’s a bad sign. (Even Michelle Bachman apparently now accepts Obama’s birth certificate as legit). In LDS church politics, immigration is a hot topic since the CoJCoL-dS seems to be taking a different stance than the far right.

And let’s close with some personal stories! Ain’t No Mo No Mo has found a clever way to augment her willpower, and apparently it works! Lisa is working on boundaries. Ren has been attending church on and off, and the missionaries are going to come talk with her about it — should be interesting! And Kiley is deciding on a tattoo and has discovered one quality that she doesn’t want in a girlfriend.

Happy Sunday everyone, whether/whatever you’re celebrating today!! 😀


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at @chanson@social.linux.pizza or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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6 Responses

  1. Glad you enjoyed the economics post.

  2. philomytha says:

    That Stake Presidents blog is a spoof, right? It sounded completely real until the part about how it’s totally a good thing to lie your way into a testimony. Then I was just confused. :p

  3. visitor says:

    Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring.

  4. Macha says:

    The first couple posts I read from Stake Pres I definitely believed it was real, then I read one that just went way too far into obnoxiousness, and it was all too obvious that it was satirical. I especially enjoy the anonymous comments that play into the game.

  5. Daniel says:

    Everyone trolls hard on the President’s site. But really, he’s only repeating snippets from General Conference talks. So who’s the troll and who is real I cannot say.

  6. Macha says:

    Today’s post on StakePres was incredibly insightful. Love it.

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