Last Call for Brodies Nominations!


Thanks for all of the fantastic nominations, folks!! I’ve just spent the day compiling your nominations — and re-reading all of the posts I linked in “Sunday in Outer Blogness” over the past year to add my own nominations. There were so many great posts that I had a terrible time narrowing it down!

Note that the nomination phase is not quite over. We’ll start the voting in about a week, so it’s not too late to nominate your favorite sites and posts. I’ve just gone through and organized the nominations a bit to simplify the process. Specifically: I split up some categories that had too many contenders, and I’ve dropped a few that people weren’t terribly interested in. If you see any nominations that you think should be placed in a different category, please say so in the comments.

(Oh, and see here for the booby prizes such as Worst Passive-Agressive “Hint” from Family/Friends and Best Example of Poe’s Law.)

Awards for People and Websites

The following categories — for people, websites, and series — require at least three nominations to proceed to the voting phase.

Best New Blog:

Best Discussion Forum:

Best LDS-Interest Site:

Best Humor site/blog:

Best Static LDS-Interest Site:

Best LDS Church Watch or News Reporting Person/Site:

Best Podcast Series:

Best Bridge-Building:

Best faithful Mormon (Bloggernacle) Blog:

Best LDS-Interest Video Channel/Series:

Awards for Individual Posts and Articles

The following categories — for stand-alone works — require at least five nominations to proceed to the voting phase.

Funniest Humor Post:

Most Amusing Vignette or Personal Anecdote:

Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image:

Most Poignant Personal Story:

Best Deconversion/Exit Story:

Best “Life Beyond Mormonism” Post:

Best Interfaith Interaction Story:

Best Chat with the Bishop, Mishies, or Other Church Leaders:

Best News Reporting:

Best LDS Church Watch:

Best Political Commentary:

Best Post Title:

Best Philosophical/Religious Discussion:

Most Interesting Commentary on Mormonism:

Best Response to Apologetics:

Best Gender Issues Discussion:

Best Religion-and-Homosexuality Discussion:

Best History Post:

Best Science Post:

Best Book Review:

Best LDS-Interest Video:

Best LDS-Interest Podcast:

Thanks in advance for any further nominations!! ๐Ÿ˜€

28 thoughts on “Last Call for Brodies Nominations!

  1. Kuri — looks good!

    BTW, guys, don’t be shy! Maybe someday the Brodies will become famous enough that we’ll have to restrict the nomination process, but for the moment it’s totally open.

    As I said, I’ve spent the whole day reviewing this past years’ posts throughout Outer Blogness (a fun way to spend the first day of the new year, BTW ๐Ÿ˜€ ), but I can’t read them all, and I know there are plenty I missed. If you wrote a great post that fits one of the above categories that I missed, please nominate it.

  2. What a great resource this list is! I suddenly have a resolution for the new year: to read/listen to every one of these I missed.


  3. I’ve meant to nominate a few people. Glad there is still time. – For “exit stories” – Best faithful blog – Chanson – Community building/Bridge for collecting us all and creating “Outerblogness”, reading us all and pulling us together each week in with her Sunday in Outer Blogness posts.

    Personal stories (well crafted personal series) –

  4. Some really good ones there! I just read DKL’s review of Brodie, and all I can say is, brilliant! Can’t wait to dig into a few of the other links here.

  5. THANKS a million for nominating my ambiguously gendered kitten story. I have others that are pretty funny but that one is certainly timely.

    If it’s not too late to nominate a great personal story.

    The Debasement of Saint Wanda chronicles the bizarre story of abuse and redemption but with a specific Mormon twist to how indulgences are purchased. I’ve been told it’s a gripping and unique story that encompasses much of the LDS woman’s experience as well as the seamier side of temple rituals.

  6. Thanks for the fantastic nominations!!!

    I hope nobody minds that I’m editing the post in place to make it simpler for everyone to keep track of the current nominations without having to read through all the comments.

    My one question is for Kiley @5: I agree that “A Gay Mormon Boy” deserves to have a personal story nominated, but this year we just have categories for individual stories, not a blog-level category. Can you pick your favorite story from his blog to nominate? Otherwise I’ll go through his blog myself and find my favorite…

  7. Wheres the category for most impressive new exmo deity? I nominate the all-seeing, all-reading goddess Chanson.

    No kidding.

    Are you able to assimilate an entire web page in a single glance, Chanson? Or do you live without sleep? I don’t see how you keep on top of this. But it’s nice to be the beneficiary of all your effort.

  8. Under “Best Faithful Mormon (Bloggernacle) Blog,” for the record, it’s David Bokovoy.

    I would like to withdraw my nomination for “Best Bridge-Building.” I’m grateful for whoever nominated me, but I think I have received plenty of acknowledgment for my interfaith dialogue efforts in the past two years and would like to see someone else win the title.

    I will, however, make an ego-nomination for “Best Interfaith Interaction Story”: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly: Interfaith Divorce, only because PBS did a nice job with our story and I’d like to share it.

  9. Thanks all — the latest nominations have been added.

    Ms. Jack — The funny thing is that that one was on my list of posts I was thinking of nominating, but I decided I probably shouldn’t nominate more than one post from a single blogger in a single category. I think maybe next year we’ll consider enstating a “one nomination per blog per category” rule, but this year we’ll see how it goes this way for now. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Dad’s Primal Scream — I think that Elna Baker is high enough profile that she’ll be a major contender for “William Law X-Mormon of the Year”, but there’s no reason she can’t win a Brodie as well. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Zelphina — Thanks! I’ll add these as soon as a few more people have added further nominations.

    BTW, I hope that people will add more nominations for the “Best Post Title” category! Now we have only two. If we don’t have at least five nominations by Saturday, I’ll have to drop the category…

  11. For post titles, just from what’s up above, I like these:

    Ambiguously Gendered Kitten Takes Own Life Following BKPs Conference Talk
    God died on Friday night
    The World Is Flat And The Moon Is Made Of Cheese
    The Difference Between a Nun and a 12 Year Old

  12. Kuri — excellent point! We actually had some really good titles, just looking at posts that were nominated for other things. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (I’ll add all the new nominations later this evening.)

  13. Banned Utah Humor !

    (1) Three levels of LDS heaven: celestial, terrestrial, cholesterol !
    (2) LDS houses are painted by Ladder-Day Saints.
    (3) Brigham Young, when looking down on the Salt Lake Valley, said “This is the place.” How come so many folks settled in that valley if he looked down on it?
    (4) Did Adam Swapp get his wives at a Swapp meet?
    (5) New Mormon cat food: 9 Wives !
    (6) What’s a plastic covered Indian? A laminated Lamanite. Of course I’ve known this since I was Nephite to a grasshopper.
    (7) Mormon: Someone who is more man than woman. Is “Mormon” short for “More Money”?
    (8) Mormonism teaches that we can know truth if there is a “burning in the bosom.” Joseph Smith was the first Mormon who had a bosom below his belt !
    (9) Brigham lived in the Lion House which helped him to keep on Lion.
    (10) Utah is the only state where you can spell “Moron” with two m’s. And it’s the only state where the sheep take care of the cattle !

    (Glenn Beck, Jon Huntsman Jr., Warren Jeffs, Thomas Monson, and Mitt Romney did not approve of the above humor.)

    [The preceding was spotted while I was webbing! Sara]

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