Sunday in Outer Blogness: Scary Things Edition!

Sunday in Outer Blogness

I wish I were only talking about Halloween (and the travesty of trick-or-treating — “Trunk-or-Treat” — that is foisted upon Mormon youngsters, especially when Halloween falls on a Sunday…). Actually, Halloween has traditionally been good fun for Mormons, as long as we’re remembering our traditions correctly. (Those other holidays always seem to come too early, though, don’t they?)

Unfortunately, there’s something out there that’s a bit scarier (even than planet Utah). Its warm-up act involves a Rand Paul supporter stomping on a supporter’s head (and then expecting an apology from his victim). Like others, I’d like to look away from this train wreck, yet US citizens would do well not to shirk on their responsibilities this election season. If you haven’t done your homework yet, here are some comments on candidates, issues, and (tea-party) history. Comedy Central’s rally for sanity has inspired some great advice for Mormons (who’ve been driven into a fear frenzy by Glen Beck), but some argue that staying calm and complacent wasn’t necessarily the best advice for everyone. It’s no time to sit around parsing the candidates’ grammar! 😉

The culture wars aren’t just for the national elections, though! Even a humble school board may have a member who’s in favor of gay suicide. Religion may help inspire violence. And even when it’s less extreme, it’s hard to bridge the divide with believers.

Fortunately, there have been some great discussion questions (and answers) in Outer Blogness this week! How did religion evolve? Should you never say never? There were three interesting takes on sexism in daily life — or for the quick version, there were two great videos on learning gender roles!!!

Happy Halloween!!

3 thoughts on “Sunday in Outer Blogness: Scary Things Edition!

  1. Thanks chanson-I love this weekly feature! Now more than ever because I can read this and other blogs on my phone.

  2. Thanks Aerin! One other item I’d thought of including was this post about juggling more projects than you can handle. That’s where I’m at at the moment (and I keep letting different balls drop…), but I always make time for this. 😀

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