Sunday in Outer Blogness: Holiday Nibbles Edition!

Sunday in Outer Blogness

Since I’ll be setting off on vacation soon, I just thought I’d gather up a few light and amusing tidbits from Outer Blogness this week. Some Outer Bloggers didn’t follow my secret plan (writing about such serious topics as modern-day slavery and shock therapy). But most of the rest did.

In the news, atheists are seeking the same rights as fake Liberaces and Elvises. Researchers for the Foundation for Arctic, Reindeer, and Magical Snowmen [FARMS] say that, despite the claims of skeptics, more and more evidence supports the belief that Frosty the Snowman really did come to life that day. A typo In Proposition 8 Defines Marriage As Between ‘One Man And One Wolfman’. And stony321 reveals the secrets of LDS Sparkledammerung in Twilight! (I know you’re all sick of Twilight, but the Mormon tie-ins in the article are funny. 😉 )

In the dabs of poetry of everyday life department, Jana finds threads of memoires and John finds Intimacy on a Post-It Note, Anonymous. Sabayon muses on blending in — or not as a foreigner. And (not quite poetry — more like a limerick?) Daniel has a conversation with the Witnesses!

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  1. Thanks chanson! Have a great vacation! Too bad I’m already married – maybe my husband and I should renew our vows with an atheist minister…

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