Christmas Story Tradition!

In my family, growing up, we had a tradition that on Christmas Eve, we’d sit together in the living room beside the Christmas tree and read a Christmas story or two. Sometimes it would be something explicitly religious — like the Christmas story from the New Testament — or semi-religious, like The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Other times it would be something about Santa Claus or some other Christmas-themed story.

Well, I just found a charming brand-new Christmas story on one of the blogs I read: An Atheist’s Christmas in the Bronx. I’m thinking of printing it out and reading it to the family next year when I’ll be in Minnesota, home for the holidays (if the fates allow). I might not be able to get away with reading this one if there are small children still up (since it covers that taboo subject: existence of Santa), but maybe if the adults stay up after the kids are in bed. It’s sweet and it captures “the Christmas spirit.”

Does anyone else have a similar tradition?


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  1. aerin says:

    We read “Twas the Night before Christmas”. We have a great children’s book with illustrations…my husband does a great reading as well. I like the tradition.

    My dad always skipped around the various gospels for the parts of the Christmas story he liked. That’s what we read traditionally, but I like the idea of reading various stories. I’m also thinking of starting a menorah lighting tradition, despite the fact we’re not practicing jews or even believe in temples….I like the idea of lighting candles. go figure!

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