Midweek Mormon Reddit Gazette 2010-W19

  • r/exmormon: Mormon Stories Podcast | Book on Church HQ
  • In a 4-part podcast, Andrew Ainsworth asks LDS anthropologist Daymon Smith about Post-Manifesto Polygamy, Correlation, the Corporate LDS Church, and Mammon.

  • r/exmormon: Mormon Convert, Mormon Defector: independent historian Polly Aird talks about her book
  • Growing up, Seattle author Polly Aird knew a lot about where she came from and who her family was. Except for part of her dad’s family. They were Mormons who lived in Utah. But when her dad asked her to start looking into that part of the family history, he wasn’t happy with what she found. Polly tells KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel how reading an old family history started her on an 18year quest to find the truth about her ancestors.

  • r/exmormon: Mormon church growth appears to be self limiting.
  • The ‘Human Development Index’ is a standard measure, developed by the UN, which combines life expectancy, adult literacy, and per capita GDP. Mormons grow fastest in countries mid-way along the index.

  • r/exmormon: LDS Correlation Survey: Pls describe your financial situation. 100% confidential. Pls use this unique ID when responding. Thx!
  • I got an interesting letter in the mail today …

  • r/exmormon: BYU’s #1 RB of All Time withdraws because of Honor Code violations. Suspected Violation – Pre-marital sex. Oh the horror!
  • Good for Unga to withdraw rather than trample the honor code in the mud.

  • r/mormon: Dialogue launches new website that includes 40 years of archives
  • Search Four Decades of Dialogue

  • r/exmormon: You Know Enough
  • I have not seen nor touched my brain, yet I know it’s there.

  • r/exmormon: Get a sneak peek at the fabulous prize we have in store for our 500th Ex-Mormon!
  • Governor Mitt Romney “The Book Of Mormon” 1971 Signed Autograph

  • r/exmormon: Could Utah elect an exmormon to Congress?
  • Sensing that retired school teacher Claudia Wright was making headway, Matheson put in a hysterical call begging Steny Hoyer to fly out to Salt Lake City to save him. Hoyer did fly out, and begged and cajoled delegates to vote for Matheson, but ultimately failed to secure the party endorsement for him. He came up 5% short of the 60% needed.

    So what about Claudia? Well, how about this? She’s Brigham Young’s great great granddaughter! And she left the Mormon Church. And she’s openly gay and living with her partner. And, better yet, she’s a brilliant woman with a solidly Democratic platform that shows Matheson is really nothing but a tarted-up Republican in a blue jersey!

    Here’s Claudia Wright at the Utah State Democratic Convention:

    And here’s her campaign website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitter. Go Claudia!

    Chino Blanco

    --- We are men of action, lies do not become us. ---

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    6 Responses

    1. chanson says:

      The new research (on factors that limit the growth of proselytizing religions) is quite interesting.

    2. Chino Blanco says:

      That paper definitely deserves its own post.

    3. chanson says:

      Oh, and regarding Daymon Smith’s book on church HQ: I’m currently reading this book — it’s really fascinating and funny. I’ll be posting about it in about a week.

      (I would be done already, but obsessive German study slowed down all of my other projects…

    4. chanson says:

      Not sure the relevance, but my kids love the “Rabbit of Seville”!

      I hope you know you’ve just contributed to keeping them up past their bedtime. 😉

    5. Chino Blanco says:

      So, here’s one for grown-ups only …

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