Sunday in Outer Blogness: Conference Edition!

Now people have had a week or so to contemplate the most recent LDS General Conference, and it’s getting some interesting reviews! According to the Swearing Elders, the take-home message includes things like “don’t wear flip flops.” (They went on to explore this deep message with a funny flip-flop photo set. 😉 ) Then Jon treated us to more funny conference images with his LDS leader look-a-likes! And Andrew reviewed President Uchtdorfs You Are My Hands talk (and gave it a thumbs-up!).

Not bad, but I’m starting to think that other LDS World Conference was better. You know, the one where — instead of praying for a handful of people to get a charitable revelationpersonal revelation is open to everybody — and not just to “confirm” that your leaders are the ones who are right. Apparently in this conference they canonized a new revelation for the church (and it wasn’t about flip-flops…).

That said, the Utah branch of Mormonism has cultivated some really entertaining culture! Just check out this vintage book on Jello! Some of the recipes are unbelievable! (And don’t forget scrapbooking!) Plus, all of Outer Blogness is abuzz about the new Mormon musical by the creators of South Park!

There are also some cooler local cultural notes: There’s a rock-and-roll LadyFest in the planning stages for SLC. Also, Green Mormon Architect won a Best of Utah award — congrats!!

Then, is it too early to make fun of the tea-baggers again? It’s just that a bunch of funny new stuff turned up this week. Looks like tea-bagger-gate! And, to keep this from being too one-sided, check out this serious criticism of Obama. Plus some Humanists in Idaho are making some crazy spelling mistakes in their signs too! 😉


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  1. Chino Blanco says:

    That BCC link is fantastic. I shortened the title a bit and sent out this tweet:

    Gay Rights Revelation added to the D&C #LDS #CoC #LGBT #Mormon #Evangelical #Politics #Romney #RLDS #BCC #Equality #HHS

    RomBot popped up with this tweet:

    @ChinoBlanco Not the same church … Sorry!

    You’re not alone in your sorrow, RomBot.

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