Sunday in Outer Blogness: Relationships Edition!

This past week brought stories of a number of relationship challenges such as a father’s deathbed request (to return to church activity) and building an emotional wall to block a toxic relationship. It can be difficult to deal with family members’ beliefs, and it’s hard to avoid projecting, stereotyping, and reframing others’ arguments. Ah, boundaries. However, sometimes we get over our sibling rivalries, and even apologize for past errors.

Pablo loses his last hope for the church as Dieter Uchtdorf publishes his “misogyny-wrapped-in-a-poofy-prom-dress-and-topped-with-a-tiara” talk as a book. It seems like the rigid gender roles are the CoJCoL-dS’s eternal problem. Even believers dread talking about them, and certainly they’re no blessing to people who don’t fit them (though they can lead to interesting introspection). Some say God loves you the way you are. Of course, as much as the Mormon preoccupation with porn and modesty can sometimes lead people in strange directions (that deserve ridicule), the Mormons aren’t the only ones.

Let’s talk about our spiritual journeys. How many have arrived at an amazing place? Or are still looking for the edge? Are you talking to God? Doing too much? (Sub-question: making too much jello?) Who are you and who are you writing your life for? There are so many challenges and pitfalls when trying to analyze your beliefs. And how do your beliefs affect your strategies regarding life and death?

Sorry to be a little late with this one. All I can say is it’s getting to that part of the summer when maybe summer has gone over time by a few minutes, ifyouknowwhatImean. Have a great week!


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