Sunday in Outer Blogness: Love Edition!

“I feel like you fall in love twice. Once with the person you meet, and again with the person they really are.”

If you’re lucky, that is. Otherwise that second, better love might be with someone else. Good news for love in Minnesota. This week we have some love poetry, and its opposite (which you can also get from church). Plus some healthy vs. unhealthy views on teen self-love.

Simon Southerton has posted an excellent piece explaining population genetics clearly and simply (with implications for the “Lamanites”). Debating who the true religionists are, Andrew H wrote on religion as a Rorschach test, Andrew S on the middle way in practice, and Alan Rock Waterman on war. Daniel Midgley debated an imaginary Sam Harris over Islam (though I’d sooner listen to Miryam Namaze on the subject).

In other religious discussions, Molly has written a glossary of religion. William Kempton wrote a very interesting piece on Mormon perfectionism and the “shame and tame cycle.” Steve Bloor has two theological discussions this week: a metaphor involving Angelina Jolie and an analysis of the last days. Steve Wells provided some citations for the biblical exceptions to the rule against killing your wife. And here’s one of the week’s most poignant anecdotes:

An older gentleman, dressed in white, slowly walked over until he stood in front of them, and asked in a voice loud enough for me to hear, “Which one of you wants to baptize, and which one of you wants to serve as witness?” The young woman furthest away from me was the first to answer. Clearly and confidently, she said, “I want to baptize.” The previously calm temple worker threw up his hands and shook his head emphatically as he cried, “No! No! No! I wasn’t talking to you!”

In Mormon culture, remember John Jon McNaughton, the guy who does paintings of Obama burning the constitution? Well, here are some reasons for taking his latest painting seriously. Visiting Salt Lake City looks like fun! (Maybe not as fun as lighthouse toppers, though.) LDS speculative fiction has its disadvantages, but mainstream sci-fi isn’t always fantastic either. Maybe some really old-school films are in order. Or books? Heather has one of my all-time favorite books on her nightstand.

And this week’s big milestone: Diane Tingen has just finished four new hymn parodies — putting the ExMormon Hymn book past the 100-hymn mark!! So you will have plenty to sing as well as read this week! Have a great week!


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