Sunday in Outer Blogness: A Woman Prayed in Conference Edition!!!

Yes, at this latest semi-annual General Conference, in addition to the usual topics, something interesting happened: a woman prayed!! Maybe you saw it live, but don’t miss Donna’s preview and Matsby’s replay!! Of course gender roles are still with us, but people are analyzing how this change happened and getting big ideas. Hoping this will lead to even more advances. For example, female missionaries now have some leadership positions — yet it looks like they carefully crafted it so that women could be “leaders” without a male ever having to report to a female superior. How can you blame Mormon women for wanting the priesthood?

(I think some of these might be April Fool’s jokes: you decide!)

And now some moral teachings from the Bible, the religious right, and the CoJCoL-dS (plus counterpoints).

I don’t want to link to too many articles this time because I know you’re all busy attentively watching General Conference (hoping to fill your conference bingo card and/or playing the drinking game) but let me close with a graphic neatly making a familiar point:

Have a great week!!!


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