My First Sunstone!


I’ve just done a guest post on the Sunstone Blog about my first Sunstone experience!!

Shortly after the conference, I was happy to see that two bloggers remembered the panel I organized as being a particular favorite! Unfortunately, neither one of them seemed to remember that I was on the panel. A bit of a bad sign…

Anyway, to prove that I really was there, I have a photo (taken by Kaimi):


7 thoughts on “My First Sunstone!

  1. I think the link to biv’s blog is broken – you need to be logged in in order to access the post about the island of misfit toys…otherwise, thanks for posting! Wish I could have been there – it sounds fascinating!

  2. I know. I submitted the guest post before she set her blog private — I didn’t know she would do that when I wrote it. I should probably write to the Sunstone folks and tell them to take the link information off of that citation.

  3. The Sunstone Foundation recorded all of the sessions, so the audio will be available from them at some point. Also, I re-read my remarks for the Atheist Talk Radio Podcast, along with a bunch of additional commentary. Neither appears to be ready (yet), but I’ll keep you posted! 😀

  4. You are looking great, Chanson! Sorry for the sexist remark. When the video is available, I will compliment your formidable intellect!

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