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Criticism 20


This is the presentation I gave for the panel “Do Good Online Fences Make Good LDS Neighbors?” (which Andrew S and I organized) at the 2012 Sunstone Symposium. Criticism. Sometimes it tells you more...

Liveblogging Sunstone: day 0! 8

Liveblogging Sunstone: day 0!

Tuesday afternoon: I arrive at SLC airport to find a sea of smiling faces on folks wielding bunches of balloons and banners saying “Welcome Home Elder So-and-So”. I immediately think to myself: This is...

Sunstone 2012 Preview

Sunstone 2012 Preview

Comments on Andrew’s recent Why are Ex-Mormons So Angry (and other questions)? Part II thread discuss a possible MSP presence at Sunstone 2012, and wonder when it will be. It’s scheduled for July 25-28...