Sunday in Outer Blogness: Everything is coming up gay again!

Elder Hafen’s talk has certainly sent some ripples through blogspace! I would start with ECS’s research piece (correcting Hafen’s many citation errors). The Swearing Elders expand on one of ECS’s points, and the Third Wave Mormon gives a two-part point-by-point rebuttal of Hafen’s talk (as does Living with Mormons in one), while jmb275 gives a personal interpretation. The Faithful Dissident is not bothered by Hafen’s talk, and Andrew chooses to show Hafen charity.

In other non-evidence-based theories of homosexuality, a religious right politician has recently explained that heterosexual porn will turn you gay! Covered here and here. (Aha, maybe that’s why MoHoHawaii is promoting masturbation month — it’s all part of the gay agenda. 😉 ) And some people actually attempt to eliminate homosexuality through exorcism! Also, gay marriage is the path to socialism.

Meanwhile, did anybody notice that other gay Mormon conference that took place around the same time? Apparently Emily Pearson spoke, and was misquoted in Deseret News.

On the lighter side, the Urban Coda invites us to pick our favorites among these prop 8 protest signs. Greg Laden is momentarily confused by the double-meaning in a headline, and Paul Sunstone has new Biblical evidence about who is God’s favorite.

There was also quite a lot of talk about gay teens! I probably shouldn’t draw more attention to the little discussion we had here, but rather send you straight over to this hopeful New York Times article about coming out in middle school (hat tip MoHoHawaii). So much better than in the 70’s, as seen in this old book that G found!

John R muses on using the “I have a gay friend” cover for opposing gay marriage. And speaking of marriage, it turns out that 92% of Iowans say gay marriage hasn’t affected them. And for some of the 8% affected, probably some of them were touched with joy at attending an event like this one.

And, as much as I’d like for this to be the all-gay-all-the-time site, I feel like I should point this out — reminding everyone to be aware, and be thinking about energy strategies.

‘Till next time: have a gay week! 😀


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3 Responses

  1. MoHoHawaii says:

    You know, it could just be a coincidence, but I think there’s a new chill in the air since Thomas Monson took the helm. I wonder if it’s part of his rebranding strategy.

  2. Hellmut says:

    Good point, MoHoHawaii. I suspect that Monson has had with Hinckley’s embarrassing attempts to suck up with the media.

    Having said that, many post-Mormons were so preoccupied that they did not appreciate that the Church also became a lot more authoritarian under Hinckley.

    After all, it was under his aegis that New Mormon History was relegated to the dust heap of Mormonism, that the September 6 were excommunicated, and that God’s love became conditional.

    There was another doctrinal change that strengthened the hand of the brethren but that I cannot remember at the moment.

    Anyways, the authoritarian changes have now made their way into the gospel essentials manual. We are witnessing the demise of Mormonism’s congregationalist heritage.

  1. September 27, 2009

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