Sunday in Outer Blogness: Pioneer Day Edition!

Actually, it looks like the less-believing didn’t post anything at all about Pioneer Day, except for one tiny, belated greeting. Instead they celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing and they posted some interesting photos of entirely different places and events. We also have some interesting thoughts on philosophy and religion:

Andrew S. quotes Seth R. calling for a new prophet! (See for yourself, in case I’m misrepresenting this.) Lilly De Nalish is contemplating death (and is disturbed about it for some of the same reasons I wrote about earlier). And Saganist refuses to reach a conclusion as to whether the LDS gospel is “true” or “false”.

In politics, we have more on health care: Kitten wonders where Americans are getting their ideas about socialized medicine from, and Djinn explains about the U.S. health insurance industry rationing health care.

Is the whole “family values” question politics or lifestyles? Whichever it is, G takes on the “family values” of the LDS church and Rachel Maddow takes on Pat Buchanan. In actual lifestyles, Ben explains why a new car may be a better value than a used car (for the moment anyway). His advice sounds pretty reasonable, and I like the car he picked out for me.

That’s it for this week. I’m very sorry that I’ve been MIA from the Internet lately, but on the bright side my project is going well, and my blogging efforts will kick back into high gear soon as I prepare for Sunstone!


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