Wednesday in Outer Blogness: The perils of love edition!!

Not exactly Mormon related, but the hot topic of the past week-and-a-half was the hacking of Ashley Madisonexposing adulterers — including everybody’s favorite sleazy hypocrite: Josh Duggar.

Apparently Josh Duggar apologised to his fans (and Jesus), but he should really be apologising to the LGBT couples out there whose (comparatively more moral/honest) relationships he slandered. The type of “morality” he’s pushing does more harm than good. Andrew S explained why he won’t have to:

These certain conservative/fundamentalist Christians can forgive or defend Josh but not defend or forgive those in gay marriages because they see Josh as someone who is making a mistake, who knows and admits he is making a mistake, and who is vowing to get better (regardless of whether or not he is actually changing at all)…whereas with gay marriage, these are people who do not accept that they are sinning for being or for wanting to marry, do not vow to repent from that, etc.,

But before overdosing on schadenfreude, remember that some of the people exposed by the hack are in Saudi Arabia where they can be beheaded for this.

In other love news, Mormons (and orthodox Jews) have a bit of a gender-imbalance problem, specifically too many women, too few men. At least the Mormons have a traditional way of solving this problem.

The discussion of the magic rock lives on! Christopher Smith wrote a really interesting explanation of how Joseph Smith grew the story of the stone and the spectacles. Mithryn challenged the idea that it’s like technology. Steve Otteson analysed some strategies the CoJCoL-dS might use to get out of its bind and stop losing members. Meanwhile, there still no sign of where the Book of Mormon could even theoretically have taken place.

In church-watch, women have been given a few more seats on leadership councils. Yes, the CoCJoL-dS is explicitly sexist enough that this baby step is legitimately a big step forward for Mormon women. Wake me when the hierarchy plan includes the possibility of a man reporting to a woman as his superior or when black women get something. Sexism hurts everyone.

There was also a rumor about the CoJCoL-dS backing out of the Boy Scouts (over the whole gay people in leadership thing), but the rumor looks a little fishy. Related: beware of conspiracy theories.

In doctrine, Andrew Hackman pointed out one of the key problems with the idea of modesty. Anna Maria Junus discussed some of the problems with sacred texts. And Rodric Johnson explained a new theory on how the CoJCoL-dS got so racist.

In culture, Diane Tingen has a new hymn for us, and there are some new Mormon films out there: Once I Was a Beehive and an upcoming new film of Saturday’s Warrior! Brings back some amazing memories:

So we go on this hike in the mountains, all’s pretty good (I did and still do enjoy mountain hiking), up until we get to the lunch spot. It’s this nice shady place on a tree that’s fallen down. But oh, the drama! Our food isn’t there!

Naturally, a lot of the 12-year-olds start freaking out, trying to make suggestions of where it could be or sharing packed snacks with their friends. I did bring some of my own snacks, so I was mostly just keeping to myself and watching the action.

Next thing I know, one of the Molliest of the Molly’s is up on “stage” with the Stake President’s wife and is full-out crying. Eyes red, nose running, the whole bit. Sister Stake President says, “Tell them what you said.” And the girl tells us tearfully, “Maybe we should pray.” (Which I guess was the response they were looking for, since they came clean to us after she said this.) As it turns out, the food is not missing; the leaders moved it to a different lunch spot and did this on purpose to see what we’d do. (How we’d act as Sisters in Zion or some other bullshit.) Also, the girl who had a meltdown has a food-related anxiety disorder, triggered by the church leaders’ prank/indoctrination experiment.

Yay, Church Camp shenanigans are so much fun! /sarcasm

In interfaith, the faithful are sharing comforting ideas on why people leave the faith. Isn’t it more interesting to really try to understand each other’s experiences?

In life journeys, J G-W is running for president of Affirmation. Mormon Hurt has become a New Order Mormon. Donna Banta enjoyed a fabulous exmo get-together. Atheist Mormon Housewife is having boundary problems with her MiL. Alan Rock Waterman posted his excommunication appeal, here’s why:

It has now been 43 days since I filed the appeal, and I have yet to receive a response from Church headquarters. Given that I was originally allowed only 8 days notice before I was to appear in court to defend myself, and that I was not even informed of the charges against me until the hearing was underway, I feel 43 days is sufficient time for Church headquarters to rule on the issues. I’m therefore publishing it here for those interested in understanding the procedural and substantive issues to which I objected.

In other random stuff, the Hugo Award Winners have been announced! It turns out that the guys who stacked the nominations lists (to give the white males a step up) soundly lost to “no award”.

Again, sorry for the delay on this SiOB, but my day-trip to Milan was great!! Next SiOB will be September 6 — see you then!!


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