It’s time for the annual “Bloggernacle Niblet Awards” — and this time some of our regulars here at Main Street Plaza have been nominated!! So please go vote! 😀

Andrew S. (of Irrestible (Dis)Grace, among other blogs), is up for a number of them — including competing for the only Niblet I’m in the running for: “Nicest Evil Villain”. So (not to try to unduly influence you or anything, but) you might consider voting for me on that one, and then voting for Andrew on some of the others. Or maybe vote for our friend Christopher Smith as “Nicest Evil Villain”. I’m hoping there won’t be too much competition from the three Evangelical candidates unless people ignore the “nice” part (no offense, Jack, but I get the impression that “nice” isn’t exactly what you’re shooting for 😉 ).

And it wouldn’t hurt to vote for my brother (John Hamer) for the various Niblets he’s been nominated for either, not to mention Jana’s belly button. 😉


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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13 Responses

  1. aerin says:

    when are we going to have a former mormon one of these?? (for the record, I’m not volunteering).

  2. Thanks for the endorsement. FWIW, I *would* have voted for you if I hadn’t narcissistically voted for me. 😉

    (Hey, I can’t let the evangelicals beat me, can I?)

  3. chanson says:

    Aerin — That would be fun, but I’d hate to just copy the stuff the Bloggernacle does, and make ourselves look like a pale shadow of them. We do our own stuff, dontcha know! Don’t ask me what… 😉

    Christopher — That’s okay, I forgive you. This time. 😉

  4. Andrew S says:

    And now, the Bloggernacle is imploding in infighting over whether Mormon Mommy Blogs such as “Seriously So Blessed” should even have made it to the ballot.

    I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t nominate a bunch of DAMU/Outer Darkness blogs. I could see some of them having a fit over that too…

    it’s so tough being the black sheep

  5. no offense, Jack, but I get the impression that nice isnt exactly what youre shooting for 😉

    It really isn’t. I think of myself as more like the Ann Coulter of the Bloggernacle.

    But that’s the problem when you have a category with contradicting virtues like “nice” and “evil.” I’m nicer than Aaron Shaf as far as dialoguing with Mormons goes, but more evil than the rest of the candidates.

    I think the real reason I’m in the lead right now is because of my sexy Facebook pics. So if you guys want to compete… personally, I think Andrew would look lovely in something slinky and black.

  6. chanson says:

    But thats the problem when you have a category with contradicting virtues like nice and evil.

    Yeah, but without the contradictory virtues, it wouldn’t be funny! 😉

    Im nicer than Aaron Shaf as far as dialoguing with Mormons goes, but more evil than the rest of the candidates.

    That’s probably true. (Well, I don’t know much about that Todd guy…) My problem is that I’m really not evil. I just have to rely on people’s belief that atheists are intrinsically evil, which doesn’t cut it when in an evilness competition.

    I think the real reason Im in the lead right now is because of my sexy Facebook pics. So if you guys want to compete

    Honestly, I think the real reason for your huge lead is that you’re more visible on the Bloggernacle — having just done a series of guest posts on one of the big blogs, in addition to commenting over there a lot more than I do. My Internet usage is far more centered around on the blogs of the non-believer “cultural Mormon” community, with just occasional comments here and there on the main part of the Bloggernacle. Many ‘nacclers haven’t even heard of this blog or lfab.

    However, if you’d like to compete on sexy pics, I’ve posted some of myself:
    * This is me
    * This is me 2
    * Me as a cute Zoobie rebel (+ friends)
    * My famous swimsuit photo (again, scroll down for it)
    * My other swimsuit photo
    * And as a (non-photographic) bonus: sex on the first date + the atheist sex scene.

  7. Andrew S says:

    yeah, these days, I like to take my dead-last standing as a sign that I’m not nice enough, not that I’m not evil enough.

    I don’t have any sexy facebook pics, and I didn’t get the all-black memo, so somehow I got stuck in white.

  8. chanson says:

    Andrew — That’s a great pic! None of mine are in black either…

  9. Seth R. says:

    I think Aaron got nominated because a few people have a bit of lingering guilt over beating he took during the anti-Calvinist smackdown that happened a couple months ago on several nacle blogs.

  10. Don’t even try to pretend you have lingering guilt, Seth. Lying is still against your religion, and we all know you enjoyed that smackdown.

    Chanson, I’m afraid you’ve got me beat on confidence to be posting bikini shots, however, my Facebook friends are telling me I look naked at first glance in this corset shot. Also, this was apparently a semi-scandalous bridal shot as far as Mormon culture goes. BiV says she wishes she’d taken one just like it on the temple steps.

  11. chanson says:

    Jack — very pretty! I can see how the bridal shot might be scandalously sexy, but it’s casual and fun…

  12. Seth R. says:

    I never said I felt all that guilty about it.

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