Helping a Boy Recover from His Burn Wounds

Some of you might have noticed on Facebook that Jana Bouck Remy from Pilgrim Steps has raised money for HandReach, which is an excellent charity that helps Chinese children to recover from burn injuries. Jana and her friends raised enough money to pay for a girl’s prosthetic.

The Main Street Plaza crew decided to follow Jana’s example and raise a little bit of money to help a boy who needs a groin operation to recover from a burn wound. He was scalded a couple of years ago. Ever since then, a burn scar attaches his penis to his thigh.

The good news is that, if all goes well, a single operation can heal the boy. It costs $900.

None of us have that kind of money but when people come together, small contributions can amount to a lot.

HandReach is a charity founded by Brecken Swartz. Brecken is also the soul behind the LDS Safe Space Coalition, the Mormon gay and straight alliance. She donates all her time and travel to HandReach so that your money goes 100% to medical treatment.

Two days ago, Brecken was approached by a peasant who had traveled many hours with his grandson to see her. He had heard that she was helping burn victims.

As a well managed organization, HandReach’s has a budget that carefully plans its expenditures. Since it would have been too sad to send the grandfather and the boy home, Brecken appealed to her friends and HandReach supporters to raise the money for the operation.

I know that times are tough. Many of us have to count every penny. If you can afford $10 or more, you will help a little boy to regain his childhood. No boy should have to enter puberty like that.

We appreciate your help. But that is nothing compared to the relief of Brecken and, most of all, a little boy in China and his loved ones.

PS: I apologize to my co-bloggers for associating the fund appeal with my Facebook account. May be, we should set up Main Street Plaza Facebook page for the future.

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4 Responses

  1. Jana says:

    I just donated! 🙂

  2. Hellmut says:

    Thanks, Jana. Given everything that you have done already, that’s pretty humbling.

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